Anywhere messaging

not working without wifi and some times with wifi still not sending.

What phone do you have? HUAWEI 5W

What plan are you on? unlimited text and talk

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? just talk and text

Issue Description

recently and i have not try anything.

I would suggest you start with this document

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@jamaly.myzcey Are you still looking for help with this issue?

Yes didn’t find anything in my Haiwai asend 5W to fix it text works with WiFi sometime only.

Hi @jamaly.myzcey,

Can you tell us how you have the phone configured in Settings > Data Traffic Management > Settings :gear: > Mobile network settings? A screenshot might be helpful here.

Also in Settings > Data Traffic Management > Settings :gear: do you have anything set for “Total monthly data available”?

I am not set to buy any data just TExt and talk. mostly work with WIFI. Am i suppose the turn data on?.

Yes, data must remain on on the phone, even if you do not have a data plan, for texting to work properly.

Here is how to Confirm Basic Network Settings – Republic Help on all phones

Thanks for the help. solved.

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I am afraid still have same problem , at the time wifi was on and thought it was working. Still no anywhere messaging without wifi.

How do you do that i tried but it looks like i have to buy some data.

Okay finally i got it working. Thanks.

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