Anywhere not supported in the future

I understand, if I opt for a new plan, Anywhere will not be compatible. I don’t want to lose my mom’s texts, she passed away this year and I can no longer access her voicemail, it says that have not activated my visual voicemail, but I have and continue to try with no success.

How can I save her text?

Hi @smel630,

Please see the top post in No voicemail listed on the Voicemail tab of the Phone app on Motorola and Pixel phones to regain access to your voicemail. Once you have restored the list of voicemail messages on your phone, please take these steps to save the voicemail messages to your e-mail or Google drive so that if your phone is ever damaged, they aren’t lost permanently.

There is no good way to “save” text messages in a format that will be easy to read on another type of machine. There are apps that will allow you to back them up and then restore them to your phone, but if you really just want to be able to click something and see them, taking screenshots of the text messages and then saving those images online in google drive or photos would probably be the easiest thing to do.


@smel630 There actually is a good way to save and view your messages. Install the app SMS Backup & Restore on your phone. When it’s installed, go the app’s Settings menu, and choose a cloud backup location that you can access from your PC or laptop (Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive — whichever one you prefer). You can then have it back up your messages on a regular schedule, or (from the app’s ≡ menu) pick Backup Now.

After your messages have been backed up, open the backup file on your PC. It will be on your cloud drive, in a folder called SMSBackupRestore which is in a folder called Apps. Download that file to your PC. You can then use View backup files – SyncTech to display all your backed-up messages in your browser.

This app can also copy all your messages to a different phone.

Hint: If you have scheduled automatic backups, make sure they’re not too often (every 14 or 30 days is good). And from time to time delete the older backups — they can take up a lot of space.

Thanks, @andrewb.pr8qln, I wasn’t aware of this part of the equation. I’ll have to give it a try… if things ever calm down around here a bit.

Would you have any interest in writing up the process with a bit more detail (maybe a screenshot or two) for our #tips section?