Anywhere notifications on iOS 12.3.1

I’ve lost notifications from my iOS anywhere app. The only change appears to be a new version of iOS. My app and system settings have not changed.

In a nutshell, when I get a new message, I don’t get an audio notification, and nothing in the Notification Center. Both of these have worked in the past.

I know that the app is in maintenance mode. I am checking to see if this is a known issue, and not something on my end (setting, etc). Clearly, without notifications, the app is useless.

I’ve reset, reinstalled, etc. I can move to Messages for Web, but safari does not give me notifications, so that doesn’t help.


Hi @ceedee,

I was hoping another iOS user would chime in here. I am seeing a few reports in our help center from iOS users that they are not getting notifications on Anywhere. Unless a user finds a setting that the iOS update changed, I suspect this will not be something we’ll see resolved.

Hi @ceedee,

My apologies as I tested this briefly then promptly forgot doing do. I’m able to recreate your experience and don’t see an obvious setting changed by the iOS 12.3.1 update. I’ll continue to poke around a bit but am not optimistic.

Thanks for the replies folks. Alas, this renders the app useless on an iPad. I can use Messages for Web via Safari, but I don’t get notifications there either. I’m stuck!

Maybe the app name needs to be changed to “Almost Anywhere.”

I am testing IFTTT as a way to get a notification on my iPad.

It’s the inevitable fate of apps in 'maintenance mode". Eventually as operating systems progress, they break.

You are correct as Apple doesn’t currently support push notifications in Safari on iOS (though it does on macOS). Whether one agrees with Apple or not, Apple guards the iOS user experience very closely (the so-called walled garden). The reality is there are many users who would find Safari push notifications to be intrusive (think about complaints seen here regarding unwanted ads in Google Chrome).

One might work around that by allowing push notifications for persistent web apps (PWAs), which like Safari leverage WebKit and this is a popular feature request for WebKit: WebKit is the Apple sponsored open source (yes you read that correctly) rendering engine that underpins Safari on both macOS and iOS. Fun fact, Google’s Blink rendering engine that underpins Chrome and Chromium is a fork of WebKit.

One might also make the case the concept of PWAs originated with the first iPhone. Jobs’ initial vision for third-party apps was they should be web based. Developer’s successfully clamored for native APIs and got them (and the App Store). Now a different set of developers clamors for something else. Ah, the circle of life…

An interesting thought, let us know how it goes.

IFTTT notifications working. I think it will be an acceptable bandaid.


  • install IFTTT in android phone and iPad
  • create applet that sends a notification to all devices running IFTTT when a SMS is received
  • ensure that IFTTT notifications are enabled on iPad

That’s it!

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Excellent! Perhaps, you’d consider writing a Tip & Trick detailing the necessary steps. It might be done along similar lines to this: Have Your Republic Anywhere Apps Suddenly Stopped Syncing Contacts?

I’m uncertain you have sufficient access to post in the Tips & Tricks category. No matter, if you were to write it up in General Discussions, @southpaw can move it.

I’ll do that when I get a second. I can also include a screen shot of the applet. Stay tuned!

@rolandh, note that the app does sync contacts…no messages lost, etc. The app has stopped notifying the user that a new message is present. No sound, no notification message, no badge.

I’m aware of all that. That said, iOS 13 is practically around the corner (public beta is expected to be available next month). We’ll have to wait and see what if anything else breaks. It’s also remotely possible (but not terribly likely), iOS 13 might fix the notification issue. Time will tell…

I’m now on MfW. My wife is still on Anywhere. With the IFTTT hack, I can move her over too and dump Anywhere.

Another advantage to switching is that messages supports more media types.

I’ll write the tip to indicate that the IFTTT applet also “solves” the lack of notifications in safari for folks taking the MfW route.


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