Anywhere on Ubuntu 16.04 32-bit



“Unable to locate package republicanywhere,” is an error that I get when trying the install instructions for Ubuntu 16.04. I think the issue is occurring because my PC is running a 32-bit OS and it has an Intel processor. What is the correct way to install on my machine?


Hi @mtm,

I’m reasonably certain I’ve read in another thread that Republic’s Linux beta is 64-bit only.

ETA: Here’s where I read that from a republic staff member: Community Forums.


Hi @rolandh, thank you for your reply.

The link says, “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!” I am signed in, but I guess Anywhere is not ready for 32-bit Ubuntu 16 yet. I will check back on later releases, though.


Apologies for the access issue. You do need to join the category. It’s originally set up for beta testers but anyone may join: Join Anywhere Group

To the best of my knowledge, there is not a 32-bit installer as of yet. What the plans might be for that I do not know, however, the Anywhere group would be the place to pose the question.


I too have several old 32-bit Ubuntu 16.04 computers I’d love to run Anywhere from.


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