Anywhere on Windows sends message to incorrect number

I found a disturbing problem in using the Anywhere app from my Windows desktop today. It could have led to a much bigger problem but discovered it before it could have led to a huge issue. I recently had a problem surface when Anywhere on Windows showed messages from my wife as coming from me. She is now using a phone that I passed on to her, and all had worked fine until her message on my Windows showed up as coming from my name. I came across a post in this forum that said to delete Anywhere and download and install it again. I did and that seemed to fix the problem.

However, now when I was continuing a ongoing conversation with two other individuals (carried over from the previous installation) one of the participants asked ‘who was the other person’? Investigation showed it was to the same person on a different phone number than the one previously used in the conversation. Fortunately so grievous damage was done, but that should have never happened and could have had a very bad result. This is a ugly problem that needs to be addressed.

A while back I was working on an Anywhere problem with RW’s tech support and was told Anywhere is no longer under development. They recommended I use the inferior Google Messages app on my PC but that app only works in the presence of a functional phone. I will continue to use Anywhere despite its issues because it is the only messaging app I’m aware of that works from a PC when a cell phone is not available.

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See: Is Republic Anywhere Still Supported? – Republic Help
This Help Article states the same as @billg provided

Hi @dh2a
Do you have both of this person’s phone numbers saved in your contacts under the same entry?

Yes, it was in the book in a different category (which was the 3d entry in the list, for what that is worth). I deleted that number but it did not change anything until I uninstalled Anywhere and reinstalled it. Since I see now from other comments that Anywhere is no longer supported, I will removed it permanently.

No need to uninstall it permanently, it is no longer being actively developed tho it IS still supported.

Thanks. If I’m following correctly, I think this would be working as designed, then, and not

You received a text message from the same “contact”. Anywhere groups messages by the contact. If you have saved multiple phone numbers under one contact, Anywhere would show you messages from that person, at any of those numbers, under the same message thread.

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I will do some more testing to see if I can identify and duplicate the situation I encountered. Also will have to check for any other contacts with multiple phones that will cause problems. Can’t work on this now, too much else backed up in the queue.

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