Anywhere Problem on Computer

Earlier this morning(Aug. 12) I was unable to access Anywhere on my computer. I was getting an error message with an X in a red circle. I uninstalled/reinstalled it, but the same message came up. Several hours later was able to access it, but all my text messages from different people were deleted. Maybe they’ll show up later?

Hi @darianr.3wql3h,

We did experience a brief issue this morning that prevented the Anywhere app from authenticating with our server, causing the error message you described. The issue was resolved on our end around 12:30 p.m. with no action necessary by our members.

I’ve not seen other reports of lost messages. If you uninstalled and re-installed while the app was unable to sync to our servers, I think that would explain the loss of messages. Have you tried resyncing with the “reset local content” option in the Help menu?

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Thank you. I reset the local contact and retrieved my text from the last 30 days.


Have the same problem as of 9/2/2020 so its not a “brief” problem. Cannot access contacts nor send messages over IOS or windows platforms. This is a recent occurrence over the last few days.

Drfstuff, I had to click on the Help tab at the top of the anywhere text page and Reset local contacts to clear up the problem.

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