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SI’m using the latest version of Anywhere on my iPad, running 11.1.1. I’ve noticed that, despite disabling “background app refresh,” the app is by far the largest consumer of battery in the background…at least according to iOS.

For instance, over the last 7 days, Anywhere consumed 2 hours “on screen” and 3.4 hours in the background.

I do not claim to understand how the app works, or exactly what iOS is reporting. I’m just trying to figure out why I’m consuming battery at a rather fast rate. Yes, I am aware that there have been battery issue allegations wrt iOS 11. Thanks.



Hi @ceedee,

My first question is battery statistics aside, have you noticed any real world degradation of battery life using your iPad since installing iOS 11.1.1 and/or Anywhere?

If no, I humbly suggest not worrying about it. I rarely pay attention to such things unless I note degraded device performance.

If yes, I’ll do my best to recreate your experience. My iPad Air is on Apple’s 11.2 public beta, however, I do have an iPhone on 11.1.1.

Since I work from home, these devices tend to be on their chargers a lot but I can change that.



I’m not worried about it; just in “curious” mode. No need to test, although I do appreciate the gesture. I’ll poke around.


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