Anywhere stopped working on Windows 10 computer

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Issue Description

The “anywhere” program on my Windows 10 computer is showing " Cannot get an Internet connection.

Code: RA-599 Network connect error

Your computer seems to be offline."

I have uninstalled the program and restarted the computer and still get the same messages.

Any other solutions?

Helllo @richardb.dky3mv
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In the past, this has been caused by firewall settings.
Please give these prior posts a look over and let us know if it helps you.

Thanks for the replies, but I just tried my laptop and Anywhere is still working there, so I don’t think it is my router firewall. My tower computer has more recent Windows updates, so that might be the problem.

This could a local firewall on the PC your having trouble with. 3rd party Security software, if you have any, could also be the culprit.

Let us know if installing the updates helps :slight_smile:

I finally got Anywhere working again! After several restarts, my Windows 10 tower computer finally completed updating to Windows version 1909, build 18363, “November.”

In addition to uninstalling Anywhere before rebooting, I also used Task Manager to end task all Republic Anywhere items under Details. Before it finally worked and asked for a sign in, I could not even get the program to install with the “Code: RA-599 Network connect error.”

Anywhere has been running on my laptop with Windows version 1903, build 18362, “May” with no problems.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

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