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Seeing video sent as text on Anywhere/Android, but I get an error message on my IPad. So, I’m guessing that it’s not supported, but checking here to confirm.

Edit: Just discovered that file extension is “.mp4”

I don’t think .mp4 is a supported file type and is usually an audio not a video file.

It was recorded and sent from an iPhone. As I mentioned, works fine on android, but not on windows or iOS.

I don’t believe either the Anywhere desktop or iOS apps support .mp4 files. In fact, according to the Anywhere FAQ, they do not. Candidly, the iOS app still has lots of room to get better starting with the ability to send MMS correctly.

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Ok, thanks, I can’t read the FAQ on my iPad due to some browser incompatibility issue, so I apologize for not knowing this.

No apology is necessary. You might want to ask for .mp4 (and others) filetype support here: Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread.

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I stand corrected. It was a .mov sent from an IPhone. I will submit a feature request.

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