Anywhere texts coming through backwards


I recently installed republic anywhere. Mybtects are now coming through out of order. Anyone know how to fix this?


Hi @cassieu.xphxhb!

Are you experiencing this on your phone or on a computer?

We list the following in our Republic Anywhere FAQs:

Are there any known issues that the Anywhere team is currently working on?
Yes, our team is actively working on the following issues to further improve the functionality and experience of using Anywhere:

Issue: Some messages sync out of order when your computer wakes up from sleep mode.
Workaround: Click into a different conversation thread and then click back into the affected conversation thread. The messages should now be in the correct order. "


On my phone.


Did someone send you a long text message? Those are apt to come in out of order?


No it’s that someone sends a text, I send one, then they respond but their
response is back up grouped with their first text ahead of when I texted
them. Not sure if that makes sense. But also my texts sometimes come
through backwards or someone else’s to me also. I guess that could be
considered a long text, but it’s multiple texts just sent in a short period.


Uninstall the Republic Anywhere app and then Re-install it. It will re-sync the content and it should be fine.


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