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I am trying to switch my husbands phone over to use the messages app instead of anywhere since he is having issues with it. But when I set the messages app to be default no history comes up. I tried it on mine and all my history is there. Why wouldn’t it be on his phone?

I tried using back up and restore. It backed up all his text messages. Then I switched to the messaging app an performed a restore. But still no history.

Any suggestions?

I found this, but am not a RW Anywhere user so it’s just a stab in the dark

Please be aware that if you see the history in Anywhere you should NOT use the steps in the article linked above. It will WIPE OUT everything before 30 days of history.

Hi @gcks21a,

Please make sure the app on his phone is the Messages app by Google with this icon :messages: and not the older default Messaging app with this icon :messaging:, The latter is deprecated, so things often don’t work right.

Hi @southpaw,

Yes that is the icon. I am just baffled why his phone won’t get the messages. Mine was no problem. I was thinking backing them up again, then uninstalling anywhere then restoring the backup. But I don’t want to do more harm then good.

Typically, there’s nothing you need to do, because it’s not a matter of either app “getting” the messages. The messages are stored on a database on the phone, and any messaging app can read that database in order to display the messages.

Do you have a spare phone you could try restoring that backup to and then see if Messages can display the messages on that phone?

Have you tried clearing the app data and cache in the Messages app? (This does not delete text messages.)

Well, something weird happened. I tried it again. A text I sent him Sunday popped up as new (it did not show up on anywhere). Then slowly all the other texts started showing up one at a time. Looks like they are all there now. Not sure what the issue was initially, but it has resolved itself now.

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