Anywhere vs Messages



What’s everyone’s preference? What really sets Anywhere apart from Messages?


I imagine there will be quite a split in preference. I prefer Messages. It’s simple, it works, and that’s all I need from a messaging app. I sometimes use the Text on your computer with Messages for web feature. It may not be as versatile as Anywhere’s text from anywhere (on a device with the Anywhere software loaded) feature. If your phone battery is dead, you can still text with a device that has Republic Anywhere loaded. Of course, if you have a workplace computer you want to text from, your workplace may restrict the ability to install the Republic Anywhere software.


I use Anywhere
On other devices I prefer Anywhere as it syncs to Republic servers and not the phone (which can be off/lost/dead) (and anywhere running on the phone make sure those text sent from the PC show on phone when I get back to it) but I do like some features of Messages (though Google is adding to much bloat I do not want to send money via Google Pay though my texting app via a MMS text and have not found a way to block this)


I switched from Messages to Anywhere. On my G5+, I was having trouble with MMS group and picture messages not going through or being received in a timely fashion. I’m not having any such problems with Anywhere. I send/receive SMS and MMS strictly on the phone, not the computer.


Anywhere seems to do a better job of keeping in sync with RW servers…and RW also seems to have better control over when these messages are delivered to your phone.

If you transit through areas of spotty coverage… you may experience issues noted by others…such as missing/delayed texts…which seem to be solved/improved by switching to RWA.

I use texting sporadically and primarily rely on Whatsapp for group texts. For my use case, I find Messages more useful on the phone and I run Anywhere on my desktop.


I use a Google voice number with my Republic service and Anywhere is not compatible with it ( texts were showing my Republic number instead of my GV number. So we switched back to Messages.


I didn’t realize that about not needing the phone to be connected. It’s a nice feature. Thanks.


After the outage my Anywhere crashed on my desktop and I was told RW was not longer supporting it. I have tried Messages and I hate it. It is not stable and lacks the functionality of Anywhere. I could leave my phone at home and still text at work with Anywhere. I am lucky if I can text at all with Messages. I am disappointed in their decision to abandon Anywhere.


Who told you this?
I have not had any issues with Anywhere that a uninstall and reinstall has no solved.


I liked both Messages and Anywhere, but then Messages had an update several months ago and removed the widget which I prefer to have on my home screen.

Which reminds me…Hey Republic! Don’t remove the widget from Anywhere please! :wink:


one of their chat support techs.
I uninstalled and reinstalled both the PC app and the phone app and still can get the PC app working.


Hi @carrien.7crsus,

I, too, have heard that Republic support staff will advise use of Messages by Google rather than Republic Anywhere when a member reports trouble using Anywhere. Perhaps, their choice of words that Anywhere is no longer supported was unfortunate.

Regardless, I and many others are not having issues using Anywhere. It sounds like your Anywhere not working experience is limited to your PC. Is that correct? If so, may we know the version of Windows on your PC? Someone using Anywhere on a PC (sorry I’m a Mac guy) may be able to help get you back up and running.


Yes it is limited to my PC. I am using the latest version 2.5.12 (5c776).


Thank you for that additional context, however, it’s the version of Windows on your PC I’m inquiring about rather than the version of Anywhere. Also a description of what happens when attempting to use Anywhere on your PC might help. For example, is there an error message and, if so, please quote that error message word for word.


Sorry for the confusion. I am on Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1803.

When Anywhere loads the only conversation I can see is the current one. There are no conversations in the left sidebar. I have tried uninstalling both the web version and the phone version and reinstalling. I have tried resetting the local content on the PC version of Anywhere.

When I try to send a new message I get this error:

That is the error I get sometimes when I reply to a message also. Not very detail helpful.


Hi @carrien.7crsus,

There’s no need to apologize and, once again, thank you for the additional context. As mentioned in my previous reply, I’m a Mac user and, therefore, less familiar with Windows Specifically, I lack experience with Windows 10.

My thought is complete removal of all vestiges of Anywhere from your PC, then a fresh install might do the trick. Removing all vestiges often requires more than running the uninstall command within Windows.

I’m hoping someone more experienced with Windows 10 will provide additional insight. Perhaps my fellow Ambassadors @drm186, @louisdi or @johnny5 would do us the kindness of weighing in?


Unfortunately, I’ve been working with Carrie in an Expert Chat and have been about as useful as you have. We’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling without luck. I was hoping you were going to be able to solve it!


If it were a Mac, I’d know exactly where to point to support files that don’t get removed when uninstalling Anywhere. My theory is there are similar support files on Windows 10 but don’t know where they would be located.


On my window 7 work computer the files are under c:\users[my user account]\appdata\local\

I’ll check where they are on my window 10 computers tonight [I expect a similar location]


and then there is the REGEDIT way

but not for your person on the street…