Anywhere widget no longer showing current texts


The Anywhere app on my S7 no longer updates when I receive texts. The app has texts but they don’t show up on the widget. I have deleted the widget and app to no avail. Of course Android messages no longer has a widget and Samsung messages does but isn’t supported by Republic. Very frustrating!



Hi @rileyo.vx0t2i,

The Anywhere app had to be updated a week or so ago to comply with some new permissions rules in the App store, and notifications were affected by these changes. I imagine this is why the new texts don’t show up in the widget. (I didn’t even know Anywhere had a widget!)

Could some of our @Ambassadors or @Experts try to replicate this issue, please? (I don’t have a 3.0 phone available to me right now.) I need to know if this can be replicated across many 3.0 phones or just Samsungs.

Once we have an understanding of the scope of the issue, I’ll create a Master Ticket to report the issue to our developers. I can’t promise they’ll be able to correct the issue, though, as the new requirements in the Play Store did not leave them a lot of flexibility. (This may be why Messages no longer has a widget.)

Another possibility would be rolling the app back to the previous version, something some of our Community members could possibly help you with.



@southpaw Anywhere widget 4X3 on S7 Edge shows my recent texts.

Edit: Looks like it has trouble updating when a new text comes in. So far, I have only got it to update by removing and reinstalling the widget.

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Hi again @rileyo.vx0t2i,

Turns out we already have a Master Ticket created, saving me some work :relieved: . If/when you open a ticket reporting this issue, please ask that it be investigated as part of master ticket 1632320.

Pinging @Ambassadors for situational awareness and since no further testing is needed.



Widget does not update on Pixel 3 XL either. Have to delete and reinstall widget to show latest text received.



Thanks for looking into this!



Widget updates for me but can’t scroll down to see the messages. The widget is also stuttering and flickering occasionally on my Pixel.


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