Anywhere work when phone is broke



If your phone breaks (gets ran over etc.) will this app still work on the computer as long as you have an account? Sounds random but isn’t lol. Thanks!


Yes, as long as your account is still active! When my phone was having a few issues, I was able to access my text message via my computer. Worked great for me.


Hi @tarrang,

Just to add one more detail.

It will continue to work if you’ve been using it all along.

You cannot, however, install it on a computer after you’ve lost or damaged the phone. The computer must be able to sync to the phone one time to get going.


I downloaded Anywhere as soon as i got the email announcing it. Less than two weeks later, I dropped my phone and display is wrecked. Hip-hip hooray for Anywhere! I can still get me texts from my computer while my phone gets repaired or replaced. I highly recommend downloading it to you computer.


Now I read this after sending my phone to the brick factory (or graveyard today). This would be a little more sweet if it didn’t require a sync with a brick…or phone that is.


Hi @charleso.txhqbx,

Sorry to hear about your phone!

A sync with your Republic phone (broken or otherwise) shouldn’t be required. As I understand it, Anywhere desktop apps maintain a discrete connection to Republic’s servers. It may be the case if you haven’t already switched over to Anywhere on your phone that your account hasn’t been migrated to the new server infrastructure. Installing an Anywhere desktop app on your Mac or PC is certainly worth a shot.


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