Anywhere Working Great on Win 10 Desktop - Not So Great on Moto E4

Texts sent to me are delayed intermittently to my phone. Texts I send from my phone are sometimes delayed to the recipient. I sent my wife an MMS text yesterday morning and she received it at breakfast this morning. She asked me several times yesterday where it was. I have been having instances lately where I’m not getting texts from people to my phone when they’re sent, but when I check on my desktop, they’ve been there for hours. It looks like I’m not getting some photos at all on my phone. In some case, where folks with iPhones send a pic, I get a text box message telling me I can download it, which works. I don’t remember this delayed texts and missing pics stuff happening until the last month or so. Everything seems instantaneous on the desktop.

What phone do you have?
Moto E4

What plan are you on?
My Choice Talk & Text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
1 GB

Issue Description

Have no idea. All I normally do when my phone is screwing up is reboot. I’m assuming that this is some kind of Android issue.
Am I the only one with this complaint? Thanks for any assistance.

Hi @beno,
Welcome back to the Community!

How about trying Google Messages on your moto e4?

(If you try Messages, please go to the apps settings and turn off “chat features”.)

Please let the Community know if it helps with your issues. :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding! I like to pretend that I can get along without Google products (kind of hard to do on Android platform). Am hoping to hear that this is some known issue that will be resolved soon.

Hi @beno,

It’s not a known issue.

You say it has been happening over the last month or so. Did you add any new apps around that time that might be causing a conflict?

Thanks for chiming in. Hard to say. I have a ton of apps installed - many for “just in case” usage, and don’t keep great track of them. I’ll try to keep an eye on this activity and see what transpires.

If it helps, we have a list of apps that are known to cause conflicts here:

And a list of types of apps that can cause conflicts here:

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Thanks much - I’ll go thru these tomorrow.

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