AOL emails stuck in outbox

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My phone is a Moto G (only), Android v 5.1

Plan: WiFi + Cell Talk + Text Plan (No Data)

Issue Description

The issue of e-mails getting stuck in outbox started shortly after I changed e-mail passwords. I use AOL and app that came with phone. I read that mobile app from provider might be better, but I’d rather try to fix it since it has been working for over a year. I did read suggestion to change smpt server, but I am reluctant. Outgoing settings are:; Port: 465; Security Type: SSL/TLS

Thank you.

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I would look for an Outlook app thats direct to the account instead of using the phone mail app. Here’s multiple apps from the playstore to look at.
outlook for android mobile app

Thanks, I will try that.

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You mention that you have changed the password to the account.

Do you know if you updated all the passwords on your phone? I haven’t looked at the app yet but the most likely scenario is that the incoming password was updated but the outgoing password is still wrong.

Have you double checked if the SMTP server settings has an password stored or not?

Sorry if that isn’t it. Truthfully, I haven’t seen those settings in a long time and I can’t remember my last account I used imap with. I’m trying to set up a test.

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Thanks for those ideas. The way the SMTP server is set does not show a password stored. Just shows (as I outlined in my initial question) server as ‘’; port set at 465; security type as SSL/TLS. I had read in one community discussion to change security type but I hesitate to do that as there are 4 options and I don’t understand what they mean. I had changed passwords also under Accounts>Personal (IMAP). So in the 3 places I know of, there were all changed. The e-mails went out for a few days, and then all of a sudden stopped.

Perhaps I should just download a mobile app from outlook or - thanks again.

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It might be easier to set it up. If it doesn’t work or work better then delete it. I would give a email app a shot.

The best practice with AOL (and a number of 3rd party services) is their app. They tend to be flaky at best when not using their apps and the more suspicious person might think that’s because they don’t get to serve you the ads that support their service when you use the 3rd party apps.

Ahhh… thanks for your input! I will definitely do that.

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