APK Recommendation Needed

I am moving sixty-two apps from my trusty Moto G4 Play to my brand-new-smell Moto G7 Play.
Does anyone have any suggestions for a good APK app that can batch upload?

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I’ll admit that I’ve been using the Google Pixel line of product for a while, but doesn’t Android just do that for you during setup?

I noticed it will work with Google Drive, but I was hoping for something other than Google Drive

I was going to point you to https://support.google.com/android/answer/2819582?hl=en, but it looks like you got it.

I have used App Backup and Restore for years.

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Thanks. It certainly is what I was hoping to find.

I use Acronis backup for everything but I was looking for an app with a lot of features for Android. Thanks for the tip.

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