App consuming battery warning messages when notifications are turned off


What phone do you have?
Moto z play

What plan are you on?
My choice plus 3gb

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

The problem is that when I turn off notifications, I start seeing warnings about apps consuming battery…

I started seeing this after I installed an app for my cheap Chinese fitness tracker, Yoho sports.

At first it was just a fitness tracker app. I shut off notifications because it was giving me way too many audio alerts. Then I noticed happening with NPR one and Pandora, again after turning off notifications. I deleted the fitness tracker app and Pandora is still gives me that warning when I turn off the Bluetooth interface to my car.

This just occurred to me as I was writing but all three of these apps use Bluetooth and I’ve been having a series of weird Bluetooth problems as well. For example my phone Bluetooth headset doesn’t always connect properly and there are Bluetooth devices that work well with my computer and my old Android tablet that don’t connect to this Moto z play.

In any case, I clear the cache on Bluetooth, and these apps and the problem goes away for awhile and then comes back.

If I turn notifications on, the consuming battery warning goes away but I’m driven mad by the alerts every minute or two problem.


Hi @mye.nyme,

The next time you see the “consuming battery” warning, pull down the notification shade and long press (touch and hold) that warning notification.
I think you’ll see a toggle that will allow you to turn off that warning.

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