App lockers to prevent uninstallation of other apps

Has anyone tried an app locker on a Motorola phone? I’m thinking of buying the Moto G Power and I need to prevent some apps from being uninstalled without the user having the password.

I’m just about ready to buy the Moto G Power but I want to make sure a certain App- called Smart App Protector- will work properly. I intend to lock an Outgoing Call Blocker app in the Smart App Protector so that the Outgoing Call Blocker app cannot be uninstalled. Does anyone know if this will work properly on the Moto G Power phone?

Hi @bradb.o4xj5g,

I’m sorry no one replied to your first request for this information. I’ve merged your topics into a single topic. Please let me know if they were not actually about the same thing, I may have misunderstood.

Apparently we don’t have a lot of Community members using Smart App Protector. Is there some reason to believe it would not work on an Android 10 phone?

Could you give us the link to the app you’re asking about? I’m not finding anything called exactly “Smart App Protector” in the Google Play Store.

Looks like I got the name of the app wrong. It’s called Smart AppLock (AppProtect).

Just for some context I spoke with @bradb.o4xj5g through the Customer Expert chat yesterday. Looking at the app the specs are a bit confusing as while it appears it requires only Android 4.4 and above there is some mention of Android 6 which is confusing as to if it is the only version that works that way. I provided the contact to the developer to ask them.

@bradb.o4xj5g Here are the two things that I would be sure to ask the developer:

  1. Does this app work on Android 9 and 10?
  2. Does this app require that I use a different user profile on my device than the default one.

A yes to number 1 is good. A yes to number 2 would keep it from working properly with Republic.

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