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Issue Description

Google Chrome with Republic Wireless App tries to open randomly no matter what I am doing. I can be in the middle of typing a text message and the screen jumps to Chrome with the Republic Wireless App trying to start, with the little wheel spinning. I have to hit the close box on the bottom right of the screen for it to go away and then reopen the text window. How can I stop this from happening?


Sounds to me like you have, perhaps, a third-party app or a hidden malware app that is trying to force Web advertising to your screen. I suggest you think about what third-party app(s) you recently installed and delete that app and other unnecessary apps until the problem stops. If that doesn’t do the trick, you might try installing one of the more popular malware/antivirus apps to clean things up. Please let us know of your progress on this issue.



Hi @michaelb.uvu45o

That certainly seems odd. My first thought was to check Settings/Chrome (or) RW/Permissions/ …and-or “open by default” . Note: my MXP is on Nougat so the path may not be the same, still, it sounds like Chrome has some kind of permission to access the RW or_Text_ app?. I lean more towards @beachb’s thoughts.

Have you tried (What Is Safe Mode? – Republic Help)

to determine if that behavior persists?.

Mind you, this is just a guess, so take it for what it’s worth. I think we can help figure this out so hang in there and welcome to the forum.


Okay, instead of getting pissed off and closing it before it opened, I let it go just to see what happened. It seems that it does it if I’m on a cell network and the phone detects a wifi signal I’m close enough to to log in. It then opens the carrier’s login page and asks me to log in. I don’t think it is a virus, I think it’s trying to connect to the wifi, but how is it controlled other than by turning off wifi? It is irritating to the extreme to be in the middle of something and then have it go away while this thing tries to get me to log into someone elses’s wifi account.

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Thanks for that feedback.

I think you can fix this within the RW app.

“Ask me to join WiFi networks”
Your phone can notify you when open WiFi networks (such as public WiFi) are in range. Check the box to be prompted to join open WiFi networks, if no known networks are available.

Does this help?.


I’ll give it a try and see how I do. I’ll report back after I’ve given it
enough time to screw up again. Thanks for the help.

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I think @c1tobor has put you on the right course to resolve this issue.

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