App opens up on its own

I have an app called eKey. It is used to open the key boxes you see in houses that are empty and are for sale. When you need to show a house, you use this app to open the box, get the key and show the house.

I have not used this app yet, but it keeps opening on its own. When you press the bottom right of the screen to see all the recently used apps it is there and i did not open it. This happens several times a week.

I deleted it and reinstalled it, and it keeps happening.

Last night i checked and the app was closed. this morning, a few minutes ago i checked and it is open.

I checked the data usage:

cellular 147 KB


What should I do?

Thank you


To keep the information in the app up-to-date, the app is probably using cellular and WiFi data. The app may have a setting to stop this, but I would consider this to be the way the app designer intended how the app is suppose to work.

You can control the amount of data the app can use by downloading a no root firewall app from Google play.

Thank you

Thank you for the suggestions. I thought I would contact Republic first (the Realtor’s office suggestion), but now that you mention it, i will contact the Supra Key provider.

Thank you

Post which phone you have … many users tend to join in and download failing apps to test (even if we’re not Realtors)

Thank you . Moto X Pure

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