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I have a Moto X2 running Android 5.1 and want to turn off App Optimization (it took almost 30 minutes to complete this morning). I Googled how to turn this off but the answer I found was that under Battery, there would be an option to turn this OFF. But I do not see that option under Battery. Please explain how to turn App Optimization OFF so I don’t have to waste another 30 minutes. I have no individual app preferences that I want this turned ON for - I want to turn App Optimization OFF for all apps.

this happens due to a bug n the OS (introduce when covering the file system from Dalvik (4.2.2 4.4.2, 4.4.4) to ART (5.0+)
the work around is to not power up the phone while plugged in, or to long press the power button (over 2 seconds)

Thanks drm186 - i’ve received no firmware or OS updates I’m aware of within the last few days. I used to have the Optimizing Apps x of y window appear periodically in the past (I’ve owned the phone since 2015), but I must have somehow turned if OFF with help from RW Support sometime last year. Today, the phone was not plugged in when the Optimizing Apps window appeared. However my battery was drained before all apps finished optimizing, so I had to plug in and it went through the entire freakin 30 minute routine a second time. Are you saying that if I long press the power button every time I turn the phone on, this problem should go away? How does Android 5.1 decide if apps need to be optimized? Is it periodic (ie, update all apps every x days, week, month)? Or is there other logic that guides how this is handled?

as I stated this is a bug (It’s should not have to do this again only when one changes run-time environment ( which happen when the phone updated to 5.1 from 4.4.4 a few years ago) (I would not expect a fix from Motorola for this as they have stopped OS upgrade support on the phone awhile ago)
the long press power up seam to be the best way to prevent this

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