App or network glitch?

This morning I found myself unable to send or receive calls via cell or wifi and cannot send or receive sms/mms via cell or wifi. Wifi data is the only thing working. Something is wrong with the app or the network. Sim status shows connected to republic, but cellular network state says disconnected. Everything was fine up until today. What changed on Republic’s end?

I’ve wiped caches, factory reset multiple times, did the ##86… thing too. I’ve reseated the sim, removed the sim, tried different sims from other carriers. The coverage in my area didn’t change overnight. I also went around the city and experienced the same results. I even tried ‘all’ of this under Android 7.1.2, 6.0.1, and stock 6.0. All have the same results. I don’t believe it to be a hardware issue as various sim status apps report it to be ok and can read data from it.

What could have changed seriously just over night?

ticket 1128510

Sorry to hear about your issues with your phone…have you received any response from RW on your ticket…please let us know otherwise we can try to ping support on your behalf.

No response on the ticket yet. I did discover that I can get calls and messages over cell and wifi if the republic app is not installed. It just uses the number underneath and not my actual number.

When the republic app is installed I can make calls but no one can call me, and I cannot send or receive text messages.

I have requested support to take a look at your ticket. You should have a response back from them soon.

Thank you.

My support ticket was looked at and fixed. It was an internal routing issue that affected my service line. All is well.

That’s excellent! Good to hear you are up and running again.

Thanks for bumping the ticket and thanks to Jeremy and the support staff @ Republic for the fix.

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