App to replace Moto driving mode after "upgrade" to Huawei Ascend

I just traded in my Moto X 2nd gen for the new Huawei Ascend (broke the screen, then got the offer I couldn’t refuse from RW).

I loved that phone. This one is…OK. That aside, I had finally gotten the Moto app working perfectly in driving mode (especially reading texts aloud in the car). That function doesn’t appear to be included on the Ascend unless it’s buried within the Google apps so deep I can’t find it. So I guess I’ll have to install a new app. Any recommendations? Reqs:

  • Lightweight and fast. The Ascend is already pretty laggy.

  • Simple to use. Not a lot of bells and whistles (or at least not ones that are visible by default)

  • Voice prompts to read texts aloud (and potentially email, FB Messenger or others, thought that is less critical) and allows replying via voice

  • Activates automatically, either by detecting motion over a given speed or when connected to my car via bluetooth

  • Inexpensive or, better yet, free

What do you say, Community?

From what I read this sounds like a good one:

BAZZ Text While Driving Safe - Android Apps on Google Play

I haven’t used an app for this since switching from my X2 to my S7. The S7’s interface to my Prius (Entune) does this automatically, even presenting canned replies on the Prius screen when a text comes in.


I noticed this when looking at @billg’s suggestion.

Drivemode: Driving interface - Android Apps on Google Play

Drivemode won the grand prize of the Android Application Award, and was featured on TechCrunch, CNET, Lifehacker and many others. It is consistently ranked as a top Android app all over the place.

Drivemode supports:

  • Major navigation apps (Google, Waze, HERE Maps and more)
  • Major music apps (Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music,, Poweramp and more)
  • Major messaging apps (SMS, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp)
  • Major voice search (Google Now’s voice feature) from the App launcher

*** ~~ßocephous™***

This would be my recommendation. Used it extensively with another phone.

I’ll give this one a try and see.

I tried this one for a few days and found it a bit buggy (not recognizing commands sometimes) and a little obtrusive to the point that it was almost more distracting. Maybe I didn’t give it long enough, but to me it didn’t match the simplicity of the Moto Assist app I left behind with my X2.

i’ll be watching this tread now as i made a VERY similar gripe as well…

Thought i was going to be happy with the Moto Z Play phone but now i am sad :frowning:

How about AndroidAuto? It doesn’t require a supported car anymore.

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