Apple Phone Support Update?


I recall reading Republic’s CEO mentioning Apple support towards the end of 2018. Republic used to have a section on its website for things upcoming or in progress. Any Apples on the tree Republic?


Republic CEO hinted that a iPhone centric product/feature would be coming sometime in 2018, what we don’t know is what he meant by centric, he could mean Republic will support iPhones for lines of service or it could have been that the Relay would support an iPhone from another service [which it does].

Republic latest Whats new and in the works did not reference iPhones


I listened to the Mashable podcast in question. While Republic’s CEO did indeed say something to the effect of iPhone centric, the podcast host interpreted that to mean iPhone support on Republic. I don’t remember Republic’s CEO pushing back on that interpretation and, therefore, find it eminently reasonable others also understood the statement to mean iPhone support on Republic. That Relay works with an iOS app does not in my opinion qualify as iPhone centric as there’s also a Relay Android app. Cross platform is not centric to me.

Neither I or @drm186 are Republic staff. That said, I’ve seen no evidence Republic is preparing to launch iPhone support. Theoretically, Republic might build an over the top (OTT) Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app that runs on iOS. VoIP is the technology that powers the WiFi portion of Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service. Republic has, however, always been about blending VoIP with a phone’s native apps in a way that’s mostly transparent to end users. The means to that end is the Republic Wireless app. To date, the app is Android only owing to Android (unlike iOS) being open source. Apple has something called CallKit, which allows for some degree of integration between VoIP apps and the iOS phone app. That integration does not (to the best of my knowledge) extend to Apple’s iOS Messages app (required for iMessage).

I’m confident Republic would like the technical reality to be different. iPhones represent 25-33 percent of the U.S. market (depending on whose numbers one uses). No business leaves such a market opportunity on the table willingly. Republic has talented engineers, so perhaps one day they’ll manage to engineer iPhone support. I’m not confident that day will be in 2018.


Thanks to you both for your replies. It is not the answer I wanted but the way Roland laid it out I can’t see Apple support happening any time soon.


Some additional thoughts you didn’t ask for. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve been an Apple user for many years. I still use both Macs and iOS daily. I purchased Apple’s first iPhone in 2007. Both iOS and Android (which didn’t exist in anything close to resembling its present iteration) have come a long way.

In my opinion, Apple has set the bar for a smartphone user experience (which isn’t necessarily the same thing as checking off the most features boxes). That said, many Android manufacturers more than capably compete. I’ve found my Google Pixel 2 XL to be as good or better as any iPhone I’ve owned or used. Samsung’s Galaxy S series are worthy iPhone competitors as well. Granted, one pays a premium for these phones but then one does for an iPhone also. For mid-range phones (a market Apple just doesn’t play in), Motorola still packs a lot of bang for one’s buck into its offerings.


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