Apple Watch Series 3


Ever since the first Apple Watch came out, I’ve always wanted to use one as a phone independantly. The Apple watch series 3 can recieve and make calls and texts without a phone. I love republic and have been using it for years. Will we ever be able to use an apple watch or any iPhones under Republic Wireless’s service?


Ever? Maybe. Any time soon? Not very likely.

If something comes, it’ll be the iPhone long before the watch (if the watch ever comes).


Based on the following from EE a UK provider, I would expect that it must be tied to an iPhone (my emphasis)

Unlock the power of Apple Watch Series 3 (4G).
It’s the first smart watch with a built-in eSIM that connects directly to 4G.
And the only way to experience its awesome potential is with an iPhone on an EE SIM only or pay monthly plan.


The eSIM is the same as is in the Samsung S3 or the ZTE Quartz and can be activated as a stand-alone device on the companies that support it. However, in all cases, the configuration of the watch must be done via a supported device. It is not possible to set-up the watch completely standalone. Once set-up though the watch can work completely independantly, IF THE CARRIER SUPPORTS IT. In the case of T-mobile, where my S3 is activated, it shares the phone number of my T-Mobile phone, allow me to leave the phone at home (or crush it with a steamroller) and still make/receive calls/texts from the watch.


Thanks for the additional ‘education’ :slight_smile:
I see that some telcos are charging $$ for the extra … so how this might be handled by Republic in the future remains the big question.