Application updates


When I try to update an app, I get a notice that there isn’t enough internal storage to update the app. However, when I go to settings, storage- I see that I have more than enough available memory to update the app. The app needs say 60 MB of memory and I have 200MB available. Any one have an answer why I can’t update the app?


Hi @vince1,

Generally, Android phones need roughly 500MB of free space available to function well. It’s not possible to use every bit of storage on your phone. You’ll need to free up some space on your phone to get the referenced app updated. This may help:


Many thanks Roland for taking the time in answering my question. I’ve done all the steps outlined in the article but unfortunately I’m still stuck with not enough internal memory. I will have to uninstall some apps to provide more space for updates. Thanks again.


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