Appropriate cellular/wifi ratio or minutes?


I’ve been a Republic Customer for about three years now. Typically am on WIFI 90% of the time.

Once a year I like to rethink my internet/phone/cable use. I am considering canceling my home internet because my work/public spaces in my city provide me with internet for most of the day. This would result in about 3 hours of phone calls a week over cellular service and probably a handful of texts. Everything else would continue to be over WIFI while at work or in public spaces.

I absolutely don’t want to “take advantage” of the system and cause an increase in service prices. At the same time I suspect that my cellular usage would still be quite low relative to the typical user.

Is anyone aware of documentation describing the “correct” ratios or minutes of WIFI/Cellular usage for the typical republic customer?



Hi @lauras.hk59dw,

While Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service is rooted in using WiFi first, there really isn’t any formal guidance regarding the “correct” ratios of WiFi to cell use. I see no issue whatsoever with the use case you describe.

The caveat I’ll throw out to you is canceling your home Internet service might present an inconvenience should there be a need to troubleshoot your phone or service. Much of that troubleshooting requires an Internet connection. If seeking out available WiFi away from home is satisfactory should that be necessary, again, I’m confident Republic would take no issue with the use you describe.


Hi @lauras.hk59dw,

Your concern is truly appreciated, and the amount of usage you’re describing seems reasonable. That you are putting thought into trying to use Wi-Fi whenever possible is really the goal.

When Republic launched there was a formula for calculating the ideal amount of cellular use, and for a while there was a chart in the member Account portal meant to encourage Wi-Fi offload above some ideal percent. Both have been abandoned and there is no documentation as specific as what you are asking.

There are times when Wi-Fi would be a necessity, as @rolandh suggested, but it sounds like it wouldn’t be too terribly inconvenient for you to go to a location with Wi-Fi in those instances.

I’d really like to thank you for your concern about being a responsible member and the corporate costs associated with using cell instead of Wi-Fi. Please check your Community Inbox at for an additional message.