Apps are asking for permissions again!

Moto G6

3.0 Plan

1gb data, plus the talking and the texting

Issue Description

I’ve had the G6 for about 3 months now, and haven’t had any issues. Over the past few days, however, nearly all of the apps I have installed have asked for access permissions again. I haven’t installed any new apps, but did update most of my apps over the last week. I’m wondering if anyone else has seen this, or has any idea why it might be happening. I think the RW app was the first to ask for it, and since then everything, from Contacts, to Maps, to retailer apps, etc. have all asked for access again.

Thanks for any answers!

Apps generally request permissions if the user turned the permissions off or the permissions changed on the app since the last update.

You can check by going to Settings
Tap on an app that recently asked for a permission
Scroll down to Permissions
You should see a list and toggle switches to turn off individual permissions

Some apps need certain permissions to function properly. The Republic Wireless app should not have any permissions turned off.

If you think the app has no business asking for certain permissions, then turn it off. For example, I have a few language apps on my phone. One permission is for contacts, there is no reason for this app to access my contacts, so I turned it off. The app still works fine.


Thanks for the response. I’m thinking that the updates triggered the prompting. I appreciate the link to toggling some permissions on/off! I had no idea that was possible.

Thanks again!


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