Apps are very glitchy

The last couple days most of my apps have been very glitchy. My social media apps all randomly reload to the start of my feed. Other apps just shut down and automatically restart. I’m not sure what’s going on or how to figure out the problem.

The only recent change I’ve made is to download the weight watchers app. I thought it might have been the problem so I uninstalled it and restarted my phone. Apps seen to be behaving a little better, but still very gotcha.

Any ideas what I can do?

Hi @068dc29b-ff86-4f2a-b!

Have you tried rebooting? You may also want to try clearing the cache. Since I don’t know what phone you have, I can’t give you a link to instructions for clearing the cache, but if you go to Republic Help , you can search “Clear System Cache” and it will give you instructions.


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  • Clearing the Cache
    Not knowing which phone you’re having problems with limits the help the community can provide … but often running out of memory will cause many bad things to start happening. Clearing both the System and the App caches as outlined in the referenced doc may help.
  • Depending on your phone model, you may also want to boot up in Safe Mode this will prevent all downloaded apps from loading and you could test to see if system apps function properly
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I have a Moto G5 plus with 64 GB memory and 4 GB RAM. I’m currently using less than 13 GB of the memory.

I’ve tried clearing cache, and the problem still exists.

I did reboot in safe mode and all seems to be good. So does this mean the problem is one of my apps?

I have a Moto g 5 plus. Sorry for leaving that detail out.

Did you do the fuller system cache clear using the boot menu?

The glitchy ones would be the most suspect to me. You could start by uninstall/reinstall of the affected apps.

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Yes, I did the full system cache using the boot menu. I think all my apps are misbehaving.

Thanks for your update. Hopefully somebody will have a good idea for a solution that doesn’t require a phone reset. Good luck.

If the phone behaves as it should in Safe Mode, then indeed you have a problem app. The trick will be figuring out which one.

This may help:

  1. Open the Play Store app.
  2. Tap Menu (three stacked lines upper left).
  3. Tap My apps & games.
  4. Tap Installed.
  5. Tap Alphabetical, then select Last Updated

This is as good as it gets as far as sorting apps from most to least recently installed while in Safe Mode. From there, it’s a matter of uninstalling one at a time until you find the culprit. You need to reboot your phone normally (not in Safe Mode) between each uninstall.

I see you reference only installing one new app recently (Weight Watchers), however, the issue could also be a previously installed but recently updated app.

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The fact your phone seemed ‘ok’ in Safe Mode would be a strong indication that one of the 3rd party apps is the cause. Usually it is found that a recent update or newly added app is the culprit.

  • Access your apps on the phone (Play Store … the triangle Google image, if you’re up to date)
    • Select My apps & games
    • Select the INSTALLED Tab to view a listing of apps installed, it will be sorted in time/date installed and you can see what may have been installed/updated about the time the problem occurred and then take the necessary action. Usually removing the offending app will suffice, but there will be failures caused by apps that will require a Factory Reset
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Excellent point and good to know about sorting by recently updated.

I’m an advocate of leaving auto update disabled and occasionally updating my apps myself.


I uninstalled several apps that had recently updated to see if they were the problem. Apps still restarting or feeds refreshing. I decided to test in safe mode for longer and I had the same problem in Chrome. It just took much longer for the problem to crop up than in other apps.

Do I need to do a factory reset at this point?

I’m afraid this is the next logical step.

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