Apps crashing unexpectedly 3/22/21

Update: If you were experiencing repeated app crashes, Google now indicates that updating the Android System Webview and Google Chrome apps (via the Play Store) will now provide a stable user experience. Please let us know if you update these apps and continue to experience app crashes.


FWIW - Went in to check on Android System WebView and found it was already disabled on our Moto G6s running Android 9. Might explain why it is only causing problems on some phones. Think the update has been out since March 12. Thanks for the heads up!

There was an update to Android System WebView available on Google Play this morning 3/23/21. Installing (updating) the new app version seems to have fixed the app crashing issue on my Google Pixel 3a.

It’s also suggested to update Chrome for those that do not have Android System WebView.

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My S20 was crashing and the new app version isn’t available yet for my phone.

I’m still experiencing apps crashing.
My phone (Moto G5s Plus) does not give me the option to uninstall OR update Android System Webview. It was disabled when I went to look at it.
I did update Chrome, but it didn’t help.

Welcome to the Community @gardenarian :slight_smile:

Please enable Android System Webview.
Then go to the Play Store on your phone and check for updates. There should be a new version of the ASW app.

The Enable button for ASW is grayed out?

@gardenarian Restart the phone and see if it works after that.

For those reading this thread as of the night of 3/23/21 Google has released an update that resolves the issue. Updating all apps on the phone through the Play Store should resolve the issued

To Southpaw,
In the future, if something this major happens, would you send out an email to all Republic subscribers? This would have helped immensely. I’m fairly sure that I wasn’t the only one that spent a lot of time trying to update apps and other tries at fixes.

That said, no one else in this mess sent out anything. I know that Google knows, and Motorola knows that I have this phone and I didn’t hear anything from them either.

Please, don’t take this wrong, you and the Republic team have always done a great job with customer service. I just think that there was a big miss by all involved in helping to correct this.

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Hi @jim,

Thanks for the feedback. We try to send an e-mail whenever the situation warrants it. This was a fairly quick-evolving situation and we were not receiving information from any source directing us as to any guaranteed solution. We were also not able to determine the number of phones impacted, nor which specific phones. (None of the phones in my household were affected, for example, and when we made the decision to put a banner on our Help Center, Contact Us page, and in Community, we had only seen 25 questions about the issue.

We very quickly put what we knew in our Help Center where we could also make quick adjustments as needed, something you wouldn’t want us doing by e-mail to thousands of members. I hope if anything like this arises in the future, you’ll take a moment to check our Help Center or Community just to make sure there’s no banner or highlighted Help Article before you spend hours going at it alone. Our Help Team is always here to assist you.

Too little too late. I was in chat for hours with Customer Service. They knew nothing and we’re useless.
My phone, being almost 2 and a half years, seemed to me it had died. I’ve never had any of the RW phones last three years.
So I ordered a new phone.
Woke up the next morning and found out what happened.
If this were my only issue with RW, I might be staying with your service.
I just got tired if apps refusing to accept my phone number because it’s considered a “wireline.”
It’s all over now. Time to move on.

Except this wasn’t a Republic issue. It was going on worldwide on Android phones. By the millions.

As I said, this was not my only issue with RW

Hi @donnam.0at0eo,

Our sorry our Help Team was not able to help you with the app crashes that resulted from the bad update to a Google app. We were working very quickly to understand what was causing the sudden increase in questions about this behavior, and I’m sorry we weren’t fast enough in the discovery process to be able to help you.

We hope you’ll keep an eye on our service and consider us again in the future if the opportunity arises. Thank you for your time with Republic Wireless.

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I didn’t even think to look in here when I noticed apps crashing, because I figured it was a Google issue. I emailed them, and then googled and was able to find a short-term solution from Samsung. (So, kudos to Samsung plus the media for reporting it!) Google’s initial email reply to me was just that they were working on it (and to access affected apps via the browser instead), but they did send a follow-up reply once they’d fixed it.

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