Apps I Can Port My Number To?


Hi, I use my Republic line/phone for my business, but the reception is ■■■■ awful when not on wi-fi. I can’t hear anyone or understand anything. I don’t think it’s the phone because it works great when I am on wi-fi. I have no choice but to port my number.

Google Voice does not support porting a number from Republic. Does anyone know of a calling app that does?

Thank you in advance!


Hi @paigef.a0dehr,

You may have a fixable cellular coverage issue. To help more with that, we would need to know whether your SIM is GSM or CDMA and the zip code where you are having this experience. Here’s how to find out which SIM you have: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help.

To directly answer your question Dialpad and Sideline are two apps focused on business. Either would port your Republic number.


Hi! It appears to be CDMA. I’m having trouble in all parts of Eastern NC.


It would be helpful if you were able to narrow the focus a bit. You may see the cellular coverage for your phone’s SIM here: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless.

Republic can provide alternative cellular coverage via its GSM network partner. That map is here: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless. Does that look better than the first map?

May we also know which Republic phone you have? Finally, a calling app won’t solve a cellular coverage issue. A calling app uses data (WiFi or cell). Unless you intend to use the phone WiFi only, you’ll still need adequate cellular coverage.


I understand – I’m porting to my personal iPhone. I’m having trouble in downtown Raleigh and North Hills the most (so 27601 and 27609). I’m sad because I really want to support Republic because y’all are so kind and I want to support a local business.


CDMA coverage in 27601 looks good, 27609 less so. There are steps on the phone one can take that might improve the coverage experience. To point you to the right ones, we need to know which phone you’re using with Republic.

Additionally, out of curiosity, which network, is the iPhone on?


Motorola E4 and Verizon


Thank you for the additional context! As a starting point, I suggest making certain the operating system on your E4 is up to date: Connectivity Problems on Cell/WiFi and SIM Errors on Moto E4 – Republic Help. I understand your E4 may not be showing all the symptoms listed there but it’s the logical first step.


Thank you!

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