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I am using Google messenger as my default texting app on my Samsung Galaxy J3, but I still have the “Messages” app that I really don’t need. It’s the one with the orange icon, I think it’s Samsung’s texting app. Anyway, how can I uninstall it so that I don’t have more messaging apps than I need? Same goes for the default “Clocks” app. How do I get rid of it?

Also, why can’t I pin certain apps to my home/start screen? When I try to pin, for example, Google messenger to my home screen, the only apps that pop up for pinning are those listed under “More Apps.” Has anyone figured this out?

Finally, how can I move apps around and consolidate them to one screen? THe apps are spread out across three different screens and, again, when I click on the + sign for a particular screen, it only allows me to move certain apps, not all.


You cannot delete the default apps. You might be able to disable them from

Settings -> Apps -> (select app) and then tap on disable.

If you don’t like the Samsung launcher, you should be able to replace it with the Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher - Android Apps on Google Play


If you want to move apps to another screen, long press the app and drag it up to the Move apps icon that appears at the top right. Then navigate to the page you want that app on, and drag the app from the top area down to where you want it.

As far as not being able to pin some apps to the screens, I don’t have this problem. From the Apps screens, I just long press the app I want to add to the home screens and then place it where I want it.


Thanks, Jeff, but unfortunately your advice didn’t work on my phone. Nothing happens when I long press the app. No “move apps” icon shows up on the top right. ANy other tips?


Are you talking about moving apps that are already on the homescreen? See the video link below. Notice the Move Apps area appears when you long press an app.

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