Apps needed turned on for cell data?


I have an original Moto G. I run all original software/apps that came with the phone. I don’t usually have any apps on as I sit at a desk with wifi access. There are the occasional times I will try google to search for something when I am away from the office but it says no connections. What apps have to be on to receive data away from the office? I know there are some apps that are always on, and I turn google on, but what else HAS to be on to receive data? Thanks


The republic wireless app and the republic telephony apps need to be enabled/on for data to work as well. There might be more but those are needed for sure.


Thanks. “Under Cell Data Settings” does CELL DATA need to be checked? Thanks again


Yes that should always be checked.


Thanks, will try it after work. Thanks all


You are welcome. Always happy to help. Let me know if you are still having issues.


Additionally, the ‘requirements’ are still listed in Checklist - Phone Info E/G/X CDMA devices not on ‘Clear Choice’ 3.0


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