Apps no longer supporting Android 5.1?

I’ve got a Moto X2 and have noticed in the last few months that the Dunkin Donuts app as well as the Chase banking app must be updated to function but once you try to update them it states that my phone doesn’t support the app. I’m assuming that Android 5.1 is getting old? That said it’s not convenient to upgrade my phone that works for my needs while losing the convenience of utilizing daily apps. I can only assume more apps will follow suit. Is there any advice other than buying a new phone?

The reality is Android 5 is four versions old now. Increasingly, the choice will be between a new phone or making do without certain apps.


Hi @bb6c3540-e36f-4239-8
I’m afraid your assumption is correct. The decision will be between keeping the apps that will slowly not be compatible, or upgrading to a new phone.

For what it’s worth, I looked at the Chase app and it “should” be compatible as it says it supports 5.0 and up. But it’s still only a matter of time.

I know where you’re coming from. I really…really… REALLY did not want to give up my Moto X and my beloved Refund plan. But I have to admit the upgrade to the original Pixel (still got it!) and having a phone that gets updates was worth moving to the My Choice plan.


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