April 11th is National Pet Day


I’m James, and I am one of Republic’s Quality Assurance Engineers. I wanted to take a moment out of my day to let everyone know it is National Pet Day!

What is National Pet Day? National Pet Day is intended to be a reminder for us to pay particular attention to pets who may not get that extra attention. We all love our animal family members. However, there are many orphaned and other animals out there that are in need. Some good ways to observe today is to take supplies to those pets in shelters. Help a friend with pets who is recovering from an illness or having a life change (sometimes Pet owners need some help taking care of their pets!).

This year, I am celebrating by attending some pet adoption events to bring home a buddy for Whiskey.

My Wife and I rescued Whiskey last year and this year we intend to find a friend for him to play with when I’m hard at work making sure our products work the best they possibly can for all of you!

Share an image of your pet(s) here and don’t forget to spread the word using #NationalPetDay on social media.

James T.


Here is Boomer enjoying a night at the baseball park!


This is my best bud, Roscoe! I rescued him while I was in high school & will forever believe that rescue dogs are the best! He loves long walks on the beach, riding in the car (as you can see) & posing for glamour shots such as this one… the normal dog activities :dog:


Where my cat people at!?! :cat:

This is Mr. Snaggles (snaggletooth not pictured here). As you can see, he is a true athlete and highly intelligent…and hallway rugs are absolutely NO match for him!:

Feel free to zoom in and get a really good look at the majesty here.

Happy National Pet Day!
:star2: :dog2::cat2::bird::mouse2::turtle::hamster::snake: :star2:


Here are my girls.


Happy National Pet Day! Everyone, please say hello to Otis Jebediah IV.

Fun facts: He is actually not the fourth generation of Otis Jebediahs, it just sounded regal. Also, he is not nearly as well behaved as this image would lead you to believe…it took us forever to get him to stop running in circles so we could take the picture.


These two cuties are my fur babies, Kali and Loki! :hearts:


This is Luna! I crocheted her a cape! She hates it but loves me still I think!


Here are my sweet boys, Charlie and Finley. They love each other…most of the time!


Love this little girl, Bogey!


Here’s my little boy, Charlie. I rescued him 5 years ago, although if you ask him, he’ll say he rescued me.


Great looking dog!

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Honey, she’s 5, from the Wake County SPCA. We adopted her 4 years ago… and everyone at RW knows I’m obsessed!


Another good lookin’ dog!


I do not have any cute cats or doggos to call my own, but here’s a wonderful picture of my niece, Kona (we call her Konehead). She loves to smile like a big, dumb, doofus.


What a smile!

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This is Cocoa, the day we adopted him from the county shelter.

I took him straight to the vet for an exam before I committed to adopting him, and asked the vet how big he’d get. I was afraid to get a dog who would be more than 50 pounds. He tricked the vet into telling me “40 pounds.” Cocoa was 80 pounds before that year was up.

He was an escape artist, never meeting a gate he couldn’t figure out. The gate to our backyard opens by a latch on the outside. If you’re on the inside, you have to pull a wire to release the latch, while pushing the gate open. He watched us a few times and mastered it on the second try.

Cocoa broke my heart on Valentine’s day, 2016 when, ever my protector, he stared down the vet while snarling from my lap and made his final escape.


…and that’s what having a dog is all about.


My heart melts when I see a black dog with blue eyes as my first baby, Onyx, had the same. <3


Aww! How cute! I love the name, Onyx. :hearts:

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