April 21 TestFlight update and RW Beta expired message?

Hi there!

I missed the email asking me to update the TestFlight app on April 21. Now my iPhone won’t work unless connected to WiFi. I went back to the email and tried to update TestFlight and it won’t let me. My RW app says “RW beta has expired” but I don’t see anyway to update at this point. Do I need another TestFlight code?

Good Morning @elizabethd.egp3rb,

I’m a fellow beta tester. Generally no new code is needed. It should simply be a matter of opening Apple’s TestFlight app on your iPhone to download the latest RW app beta. Please let us know if you’re able to get the latest RW beta app and if that helps


Hi Elizabeth,

I have sent you a new TestFlight email. Please try to install with that code and let us know if you have any issues.


When I open TestFight, it says no apps available to test. When I try to find the RW app on the App Store, it’s not there. When I try to open it from the app that is installed on my phone (a yellow dot is visible next to the name of the app), it says RW beta has expired.

I went back to my original TestFlight email, and it says the code was already redeemed (obviously, because I’ve been part of the beta testing since February).

This just started happening a day ago. It’s almost like I got kicked out of the beta testing. Could that be possible? Did you or anyone else get an email about testing 0.9.10? I missed the email somehow; could that be the reason I’m having issues?

Hi @elizabethd.egp3rb,

I’m confident you haven’t been kicked out of the beta. My experience with iOS betas is not limited to Republic. Generally, a new code is not needed each time a beta app is updated. You’re also correct that the RW beta app is not available in Apple’s app store. That’s because, TestFlight is in effect Apple’s app store for beta apps.

All of the above said, @sarah.k has posted stating she’s emailed you a new TestFlight code. Have you received that email? If so, please try getting the new RW beta using the new code.

Thank you!

That did bring the RW app back for me, but still did not fix the cellular issue. And the yellow dot is still present next to the RW app on my phone. I restarted the phone, turned off WiFi, and still am not able to connect to apps/internet. It says Republic LTE when I turn off WiFi.

HI @elizabethd.egp3rb ,

If you feel like the app is still acting funky, it may be because it expired and we tried to update it after the fact. We’ve not had this issue with any tester as of yet, but I would suggest as our next step uninstalling the TestFlight app completely and I will send you a new code to re-install.

Would you like to try that as your next step?

For what it’s worth, the yellow dot is normal and is Apple’s indicator of a beta iOS app just as a blue dot indicates a newly installed non-beta app.

Yes that sounds good. Should I also uninstall the RW app? Or just TestFlight?

Oh ok, thank you. I guess I never noticed it before.

@elizabethd.egp3rb, please uninstall TestFlight and I will get a new code emailed over to you.

Once you receive it, you should be able to re-install TF through the email.

Will do now. Thank you.

Followed your directions and even restarted the phone with no luck connecting to cellular.

Hi @elizabethd.egp3rb,

I do not want to interfere in your conversation with @sarah.k. That said, it is possible your cellular issue is not related to the RW app beta having expired on your phone. The phone was working prior to today with the expired app?

You also mention the phone working on WiFi. Republic’s iPhone beta is cellular only. What works when connected to WiFi? Are you able to make calls when connected to WiFi?

Prior to yesterday, everything was working fine on cellular, before I even realized the app was expired. I was able to connect to all apps and make calls when away from WiFi. I first noticed the problem yesterday when I tried to set my home alarm remotely. I thought it was just an issue with the alarm’s app. I went to Target to pickup an order via their drive up service, and was unable to connect to the Target app there to receive my order. Luckily my husband was with me and I was able to access the Target app from his phone (he is also on Republic Wireless, but not part of the iPhone beta).

On WiFi I can connect to apps and make calls with no problem.

Also, I have plenty of data left; just triple checked to make sure that wasn’t the issue.

This is interesting because Republic’s iPhone beta does not offer WiFi calling. All calling even when one’s phone is connected to WiFi is cellular. Let’s see if we might narrow this down. Please turn WiFi off temporarily on your IPhone. Are you still able to make calls?

Yes, calls do work when I turn off WiFi.

Hi @elizabethd.egp3rb,

That and your first noticing an issue when attempting to connect to your alarm panel when away from WiFi suggests a cellular data issue. With WiFi still turned off, are you still unable to connect to the Internet?

With the WiFi turned off, I cannot connect. No internet (I tried both Safari and Chrome browsers), no apps (tried Starbucks, Instagram, Gmail app, etc.).

You mention your husband being a Republic member also. He’s on Android, correct? Is his phone available to you? If so, would you ask him to temporarily turn off WiFi on his phone and verify he is able to connect to the Internet?

Would you also ask him to share his SIM type. Here’s the how to on that:

The purpose of these questions is to determine if the issue is on your phone or on the cellular network your iPhone is connected to.

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