Arabic anyone, what up?

Arabic “subtitles” suddenly now appear now with my Signal app on my android phone, is this a dirty Google trick?

Hi @johnp.i4jruu

Can you please post the link to the app in the Google Play store? That way other members who want to check the app will know which is the right app.

I’m assumimg you’re referring to Signal Messenger. If you go into Settings -> Appearance is the language set to default?

It looks like the settings pop-up window is all in Arabic. Looks like a dilemma, I would need to know the language I don’t know in order to change the language setting to one I do know. Thanks for the reply, I may have to re-install the app.

This app came directly from the Signal Foundation on the Play store, ver. 4.52.2, release date 5/25/2010.
My phone is showing last update Aug. 5 2019, however these Arabic subtitles first appeared less than a week ago. Thanks for your interest.

Do you have a screenshot that you can share to show us what you mean by “subtitles”?

Three dot menu :dots:
Settings is 4th on the list
Appearance is 4th on the Settings menu
Language is second on the Appearance menu
Default is the top option on the language list, be sure to scroll up before selecting.

If you get this before you nuke and pave the app user the first selection. That is default and will use your system language. Second is English. Hope this helps.

I’m suspicious these “subtitles” might be coming from a Google app and not from Signal code even though they only appear in the Signal messenger app.

Do you have a screenshot that you can share to show us what you mean by “subtitles”?

We all want to help, and have provided both some things to check and some additional information that would help us help you. Your replies don’t indicate if you’ve tried any of the steps.

Thank you so much, you’re fix was the most helpful. :slight_smile:

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