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I wanted to take a minute and thank an ambassador for really helping a member of my family out. A few weeks ago I posted a question looking for affordable phone suggestions. I have a family member that is currently going through a tough time in another state and due to medical issues has lost everything. I was hoping to get him a phone on a plan I could afford so he at least was able to communicate with family and call for help in case of an emergency. RW ambassador jben replied and offered a used phone if I thought it would help. After some info exchange and a couple cross country trips for the phone, I received a call today and it was my family member thanking me and stating that he could not explain the amount of hope that such a little thing gave him while he struggles to receive a diagnosis and medical care.

Jben, thank you for taking the time to help out. It is great to be able to have a way to talk with my family member again. We appreciate what you did more than I can communicate here.

Take care!


Wonderful New Year story @azlumberking!.

Thank you for taking the time to return and share that information. Sometimes it seems the littlest of things make the biggest differences in the big scheme of things.



That’s awesome! As @c1tobor said, thanks for taking the time to let us know how it ended up!


Many Kudos!
My first experience with Republic Wireless was simply stellar!!

I just got through activating my G4 which I got through the B&H promotion for 6 months free unlimited talk and text along with 2g/b per month of data.

I was a little confussed during the process and made the mistake of selecting the talk and text only plan. I then realized that I didn’t select the 2 g/b. I didn’t know what to do, how to check if it was applied automatically or anything. So I posted my issue in the “questions and answers” forum.
I expected that I’d either never get a response or get some computer generated non-answer or some other headache. But nope, I got an unbelievably fast and helpful response from one of the ambassadors here, @rolandh. Whoever this person is I would literally kiss them on the mouth! The exchange between us was short, pleasant, and to the point. Had my problem fixed within a couple of minutes! Unbelievable!!

If this is what I can expect to look forward to from Republic Wireless, I’m a customer for life!!


A kiss on the mouth? @rolandh would more than likely blush receiving a big air hug…

That being said, we can agree that @rolandh and the entire ambassador/expert guys and gals are truly unique. In a really good way.

By the way, welcome.


Thanks @Kangaroo_Ninja and @azlumberking. Our Ambassadors and Experts, and many of the other frequent contributors here in our Community truly make Republic Wireless a special place. We try to tell them how much we appreciate them as often as we can, but feedback like yours is a far more poignant expression of gratitude. Thank you both for taking the time to write your posts. :green_heart:

You’re both entered for our T-shirt drawing at the end of the month, and @jben and @rolandh now each have an entry for our quarterly Community Participation award. But more importantly, we all get a chance to reflect on how much we appreciate those who help out in our Community.


Thank you, @olyolson

From what I’ve seen, Republic has done everything right when it comes to encouraging an effective and pleasant community here. It feels more like a social media experience without all the negative aspects rather than simply being a customer service experience.

I genuinely enjoy reading through posts and seeing the exchanges between people. Every company should try to emulate this model.

Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to wait and endure the frustrations that plague almost every customer service experience and actually enjoy the process!

And, yeah, if we had more like @rolandh all over the place, then doing the taxing business of trying to deal with customer service and support would save an enormous amount of time and mental exhaustion. I’m so glad I chose Republic Wireless. I just hope the call quality and service areas are anywhere as good in my area as the experiences I’ve had so far with the community and customer service side of the business.


@southpaw, you’re very welcome and thank you for doing customer service the right way! I don’t think that I’ve ever found this kind of experience with any service. You guys are doing a spectacular job!

Oh, and if I win the shirt please pass it along to @rolandh! And make sure to give them a kiss on the mouth for me! :blush:


Kudos to CoreyK,

Corey was really helpful with my backordered RW SIM cards. My old phone was about to fall apart. I ordered two unlocked phones through Motorola, but I needed RW SIM cards. The cards would be on back order for two weeks. Corey told me where to get new RW SIM cards immediately and included the link. That really helped to save my sanity. Thanks Corey!


when ever i ask a question there is always some at RW who is willing to help. i want to say that I really appreciate all the help. Keith


@dainahlg , I am glad to hear you were able to get your SIM cards and get your phones activated. It was my pleasure to be a small part of that.


Profile - rolandh - Community Forums was very helpful. Give him a shirt, or something! :grinning:


It’s the last day of the month, so it’s time to do our January drawing!

This month we have five members who are eligible to win in our drawing:

I’m going to sneak around back and find a couple of volunteers, then we’'ll be back to do the drawing…
Good luck everyone!


Ok. Time for our drawing!

@drm186, thanks for volunteering! To pick our first winner, please pick a letter from the word KUDOS.

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today’s 1st winner is the letter “D”

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The letter D is assigned to @NOTrepublicofwireles! Congratulations! :southpawpoms:

I’ll be in touch with you by DM about your prize.

Please go ahead and pick a second letter from KUDOS, @drm186. (Just, not D again.) :roll_eyes: (You knew that.)


lets use letter “K”

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The letter K was randomly assigned by my randomificator to @keithh.j3ut1h :southpawpoms:!

Thank you for sharing your appreciation about the help you’ve been given!

And thank you @drm186 for volunteering tonight!

(Here’s my randomized list).



Congrats to @NOTrepublicofwireles and @keithh.j3ut1h


I want to take a moment to thank Brett for his help when my phone wouldn’t make calls! He answered promptly and gave good advice on how to update the system. This fixed the problem quickly. Thanks for your help, Brett! I love Republic Wireless! Good customer service without having to wait on the phone for long periods of time.

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