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I have a multi-user account and one of my users needed cell data, which I couldn’t figure out how to get. Pete J., Jarom O., Lizette M., Sarah B., and Natalie Honomichi helped me figure it out. Turns out, you have to log in with the primary account holder’s credentials to the Republic Wireless app on the user’s phone. It worked, #kudo to all of them.

I would also like to submit a feature request to be able to do it on the Republic Wireless website, which would be much more convenient.


Big Kudos to Southpaw… Helped me out several times. I never thought I would be able to resolve an issue via “online,” but I have been talked through several. The latest one being my Moto G4 wacking out. Found out one of the problems was a known issue with this crummy phone called Ghost Touch. UGH. Tried the suggested fixes, no luck. Decided on a new phone, Motorola said my phone was out of warranty. Southpaw asked if I had charged it, it may have an extended warranty thru credit card (phone Is less than 2 yrs. old!) I did, it did. I certainly appreciate the knowledge and experience and sharing it with me. so, yes, KUDOS to Southpaw.
Since you wrote this, I don’t know if you are eligible or not, but I wanted to give you Kudos regardless


Thanks for endorsing Republic Online Support @jeanb.01d11j and taking the time to recognize our world-class Community Manager, @southpaw.


I have another KUDO! don’t have to enter me in the drawing, I’m just excited I’ve received so much good advice/info and so quickly :o))
I have never opened a “help ticket” until today.
I needed and received a prompt response and the answer to my concern.
I don’t know that should be included in the KUDO section, but years ago, I was not hearing positive remarks re help tickets. I’m glad I did and happy to find out Republic had already done what I needed them to do…put my new phone (still on order) on CDMA.
Easy Peasy
Thanks again, everyone at RW
Thank you, Emily for your assistance with my 1st help ticket


Thanks @jeanb.01d11j!

Thank you for the earlier kind words about me, but especially for the follow-up about your first-ever support ticket.
That’s exactly the kind of thing we’d like to see in this Kudos topic. Do you know the name of the support agent who helped you?


EMILY! I didn’t even realize her name was on there :frowning: Should I go back and edit? NP


We had only two qualified entries in the Kudo & Win thread for April :crying_cat_face: , so there was no drawing, and I’ve contacted the members personally by DM.

Let’s make May a month of Kudos!


KUDOS to whomever decided to finally start offering inexpensive and reliable shipping via USPS. I can’t imagine why it took so long, but it’s definitely win-win-win for all involved. THANK YOU!!!


This is a “Kudos for Southpaw” post. I can’t say enough for how she turned a stressful situation into one where I am confident that Republic has my back.

I had to upgrade my phone on short notice because Lyft now requires a newer android version than I can get on my moto-x gen 2. Already sad to be givening up my 1.0 plan, I ordered with rush shipping. And I waited…and found out there was “an accident” that was delaying shipments. I mentioned that this was going to affect my income. Southpaw jumped in to get helpful order status, got my phone shipped out for delivery tomorrow, and added a few other touches to show real customer care. She even corrected herself when she passed on some info that was meant for another situation. I wouldn’t have ever known, but she lives that transparency thing even when no one is looking…

She has my undying admiration, and a free cup of coffee if she ever comes to Atlanta.

Seriously, I’m impressed. Give her a raise, an “attaboy”, and a gold star. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!


This is KUDOS for Tom W and Yarabi A for helping me out April 23rd. I never had a phone crash before, on April 22nd evening my phone just went dead and was freaking out. I put in a help ticket at 10:25 am on the 23rd and right after lunch with their direction and follow up I was able to get my Nexus phone back up and running. Just took the cover off put it back on the charger for 20-25 minutes then held the power button down for almost a minute and a half before it restarted itself. Saved me $$ not having to run to the local techies for repair. And now have my phone info pics etc backed up now. Thank a ton!


I just want to give a shout out to the great help I recently rec’d here. I am not a techie person and have not kept up with the changes going on here. Seeing “Message a Community Expert”, I decided to try it. I quickly rec’d answers to my questions about porting one number out of my account & setting up another family member with a RW line using my old phone. Then a day later once I thought the port was done, I was still having issues. (it turns out there is a 72 hr window) Again, “Message” came to the rescue quickly. Both times the people helping seemed to anticipate a potential trouble point or offered a link to an “How To”. So, much thanks to this great community and the quick help received! I am guessing I probably asked questions that have been asked before. Y’all probably get tired of seeing the same thing but nonetheless, I was treated professionally & kindly.

We would have all 4 family lines here at RW. However, when our internet decides to act up, Verizon cell is stronger than Sprint here at our house on our ancient Moto G1’s. :slight_smile: So one phone is not at RW.

If anyone is considering RW, our family just wants to let people know Republic works & you can get the help you need! Thank you RW Community!


Last call for Kudos entries for the month of May! We’ll do the drawing later this evening.

Time for our May Kudos drawing!

Our qualified entries tonight are @homelessonwheels, @cantaffordit, @miket.zntkhk, @nlk6567, and @paulat.0p5ea5.

Do we have an impartial @Ambassador or @Expert or even a :speak_no_evil: lurker online who’d be willing to help with the drawing?


I’m online and can help


If you need more than 1, I’m here too.


We need two winners tonight and we have two volunteers. That works out well. :one: :heavy_plus_sign: :one:

@drm186, please select our first Kudo & Win May winner for a classic Republic Wireless T-shirt. Please pick one of the letters from the word KUDOS

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Letter ”D”

The letter D was assigned to lucky winner @paulat.0p5ea5 who wrote a very nice Kudos entry about the online help received from our Experts about some porting questions. I’ll be in touch by a personal message about your prize.

Thank you for your help @drm186!

@louisdi, please select one of the remaining letters from the word KUDOS


OK. I choose “U” for my deep seated belief in the "U"niversal goodness of man and my hope for "U"niversal Peace and Love.


Thank U @louisdi! Your U topian selection means that @homelessonwheels has won a Republic Wireless T-shirt for his shout-out to the availability of shipping by USPS. @homelessonwheels, I’ll be in touch by DM about your prize!

Official scrambled list and letter assignment for our armchair contest judges:

Message an
Expert customer