Archived Kudo & Win entries from Q4 2017

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Thanks for letting us know, @clarkj! It’s a delight to read your post, and I’ll make sure the entire team sees it.

Would you like it to be included in our Kudo & Win drawing?


Did not know about the Kudo & Win. Would love a T-shirt if selected.


I’ve been a member for several years and recently purchased a new phone. In the old days it was tough to get help – had to use the forum - or figure out how to submit a ticket through some hidden interface.

My recent experience indicates how far things have progressed – I used the Chat option and got connected to Kennedy. I goofed on one of my responses and ended up deleting my wife’s phone. Kennedy assured me that we would recover.

That required me to start another chat later – which was handled by Alex. I was pleased to have the recovery work so smoothly.

Then, later that evening, Kennedy sent me an email to follow-up. This had to be late in her day and really was above and beyond my expectations.

Looks like RW has ramped up the level of support. It is much appreciated

Nicely done


I’ve moved your post into the Kudo & Win thread, to make sure you’re not overlooked for the next drawing. Thanks for writing up your feedback.

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This is my first time trying to post so hope it works! I would like to thank “Ian” for helping me with an ongoing issue I had with understanding about deleting voice messages. I not only asked him some questions but also gave him my opinion on the issue I was having and how it might be improved.

Not only did he take care of my issue, he explained to me what would be happening, how he could help me AND he told me where I could post my opinion about voice mails in hopes that maybe I might be able to bring about some changes. I was SO excited about his suggestion and thought that was really kind of him (and wrote him back and told him so but not sure if he would actually see my ‘thanks’ since it went to the general support email.


Thanks @scottj.05ydqd. I’ll make sure Ian and his whole team see your kudo!


Thanks for joining the conversation @scottj.05ydqd.

This is a forum where if you give a little, you get a lot in return. Thanks for your trust in Republic Wireless!


October is quickly coming to a close. It’s hard to believe that only two people this month have had experiences worthy of taking a moment to write a quick “thank you.” :crying_cat_face:

Kudos to Sean W (Republic Help) I dropped my Moto G5+ and I’m phone-less until I receive my G4 that I ordered on Saturday. I was extremely stressed out and Sean’s quick response to my questions have alleviated much of the stress😁.


It is stressful when a phone-catastrophe strikes. It’s good to hear that Sean W. was able to calm your nerves a bit! Did he tell you about Republic Anywhere allowing you to keep up with text messages from a computer?

Thanks for sharing your kind words, and I’ll make sure he (and his team) hear them

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I didn’t know this thread existed. If I did I would have wrote this way sooner.

Basically a couple of weeks ago, I saw an article where Google were exchanging Nexus6ps for a google Pixel. My Nexus6p has been suffering the battery drain issue that has plagued almost everyone with the phone. I tried to trade mine in, but since I bought it from republic, my dreams were shattered. And my warranty was already pass deadline with republic so I just went back to my Motorola E 2nd gen. I did a thread asking if anyone else had tried to do what I wanted to get accomplished and in that thread @mb2x Personal messaged me asking if I wanted his spare Motorola E4.

I thought he would have wanted something in exchange like my Motorola E2 or My broken down Nexus6p, but he out of the kindness of his heart gave it to me for free. Words cannot express how his generosity meant to be. To be personal for a bit I have depression and PTSD and that week I was feeling very down about life in general cause of the hardships I have gone through in life. But, its little bits of kindness like what MB2X did to cheer me up and let me see there are kind strangers and light in the darkness.

So thank you @mb2x I appreciate you.


Aww! Thank you :slight_smile: . So I assume you are enjoying the new phone?


This is actually a good opportunity for me to thank the Republic Help team for their assistance in working our way through a cellular calling issue that I was having with my phone. A number of people in the Help team participated in the ticket, but Pam was front and center as my main contact, and I especially would like to recognize her for her kind assistance and willingness to do whatever was needed to ensure I had a working phone. I was treated like a valued customer.

The other thing that I wanted to say is how much I appreciated being treated like I knew what I was talking about (and I did). Although we did have to initially work through some of the more “obvious” possible causes of the problem, we rapidly moved into deeper possibilities and solutions, and I never felt like I wasn’t being taken seriously. Given what people often have to go through to navigate the simplistic “scripts” that many help desks offer, it was so refreshing to see intelligent, thoughtful, and relevant queries and responses, and to be treated as part of the “diagnostic team” as we worked through the issue.

Well done, Republic! Well done.


Thanks @flarewatcher! I’ve let Pam and her team know you wrote such a nice post!


Thank you, Republic Wireless. I was having problems with overnight battery drain with my new Moto E4. Received excellent advise from several Republic team members, including Cherokee Roth, jim, Don, and Jeff Daines. It took multiple suggestions, but something finally worked and the problem was resolved. Thank you for the persistence and good advice. I have been a happy Republic customer for a couple years, and recently my husband and dad both became customers too. Great job! Sincerely, Grace


Thanks so much for the kind words, Grace! We love our Republic Wireless families!

I’ll let those involved know you appreciate their help!


I’m wrapping up October and the entries I see this month are as follows:

For the Quarterly Community Participation award - one entry for @mb2x.

For tonight’s drawing of those who shared kind words to say thanks, we have the following entries:

@clarkj - for telling us about chat experiences with Kennedy and Alex
@scottj.05ydqd - who wrote about help given by Ian.
@johnh.jo5bfq - who unfortunately dropped his G5+ but appreciated the help given by Sean W.
@dabreunc - who took the time to write a note of thanks for help received from one of our Ambassadors.
@flarewatcher - for expressing gratitude for how he was treated by our team, Pam in particular.
@gracej.8ce0a8 - for letting us know several of our technicians provided suggestions to help with a battery drain issue.

I’ll need a few moments to scramble the order of these six entries and find a volunteer assistant or two, and then we’ll have our October drawing…

Ok, for tonight’s drawing, @johnny5 has kindly volunteered to help.

@johnny5 please select two numbers from these choices: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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I choose 4 & 2!


Very nicely done!

Our winner associated with the number 4 is @gracej.8ce0a8. :southpawpoms:
Number 2 is associated with @johnh.jo5bfq :southpawpoms:

Congratulations to both of you - I’ll DM you privately for T-shirt sizes and shipping addresses.

Thank you for your help, @johnny5

Edited to add the scrambled drawing list:

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