Archived text messages on Google Message app

In Google Messages app, Prior archived MMS messages come up in new thread when sending a new text to original sender. I don’t want an old archived message included in a new unrelated thread. Not sure if it is the same with SMS. Is there a fix for this?

I am using a Moto X4.

I’m afraid that’s just the way it works. Other than deleting the previous thread, there isn’t a way to have a new thread created to the same contact.

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If this is correct, not sure what the real purpose of having archive is because when you send a new text to the original sender, it pulls the prior text out of archives and subject to being deleted in error. The only work around is to take a screenshot which is not real practical.

Hi @virginiad.d7lck5,

I think the intent of “archive” in a messaging app is simply to remove the conversation from your current list, so you can focus on the conversations in progress.

Although they aren’t supported by our help team if you should have texting issues, you may want to experiment with some of the messaging apps listed in Text Messaging Apps Known to Work with Republic and see if any of them allow any option to archive a conversation with an individual and then start a brand new conversation with none of the past history.

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