Are all phones you are currently selling up to new 5G technology?

Are all phones you are currently selling up to 5G technology? Specifically the Motorola Moto G Fast??

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Motorola’s Moto G Fast and most phones sold at Republic’s online store are not 5G capable phones. Of the phones currently sold there, only Samsung’s Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note20 offer 5G capability. This isn’t limited to Republic. The reality is there are few 5G capable phones currently in the market and those that are tend to be expensive. An article that provides additional context is linked here:

I’ll also note, presently, Republic’s service doesn’t offer 5G. For the most part, 5G is currently limited to the large carriers. 5G is in its infancy. To the extent it’s available, current 5G speeds are marginally faster than 4G LTE. This will change, however, despite the hype surrounding 5G, this will be evolutionary over time (1-2 years minimum). Meanwhile, 4G LTE isn’t going anywhere. Much as 3G technologies co-existed with 4G LTE when 4G LTE was new, 4G LTE will co-exist with 5G as 5G ramps up. Unless willing to spend top dollar on a phone, I wouldn’t be concerned about 5G just yet.


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