Are Android OTA's slower on MVNOs?


I have a Google Pixel XL and Nexus 5X.
The Pixel is on Sprint and the 5X on R.W.
The April Security update was out 4 days ago (4-1-18).
Myself and a contact of mine (who has a Pixel on VZW) got the OTA on the 2nd.
The 5X on. R.W. has yet to detect the update, even with the manual update check button actually working now.

Just curious if anyone knows for certain if OTA updates for unlocked phones are always later on MVNOs than on the normal carrier?

I am about to flash the update manually. I do not see any new post on this update as of yet in R.W.'s Announces section tagged . android_patch Topics tagged android_patch


OTAs for Pixels and Nexii supposedly come directly from Google with no carrier involvement whatsoever. Therefore, it makes no difference who one’s service provider is.

Republic’s word on the matter is here: Where’s My Android Update? Understanding the Update Process.


Hi @SpeedingCheetah
I have a Moto X4 and I have been updated this week to the April security update. I have also received the update recently to Android 8.1 Oreo.


LOL. I have had Android Oreo 8.1 since December of 2017. Moto is behind quite a bit.


It is what it is @SpeedingCheetah. I don’t worry about updates, I get them eventually.


Our Pixel 2 XL got the April update on the 3rd. Our 5X got it today. Google stages the rollouts. It generally takes about a week from the time the first phone gets them.

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Yes, they are put out in stages. However, the “Check For Update” button overrides the staged roll-out and flags the request as user initiated and will push the update immediately.

This is how it’s supposed to work anyway. But the feature was broken for a while thanks to a Play Service update…that Google took their time fixing. (there was a bunch of tech news articles on the whole issue). Maybe its broken again…


I got the Pixel update yesterday without mashing the check for update button. Another really small security update.

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Actually, its not small. Its highly compressed. Then its decompressed on the phone. The actual OTA files are about 900MB.

Also, look at the Security bulletin/change-log. This one has tons of “functional updates” for all models.


The large ~900 MB files at are the full OTA files (some call them rescue OTAs). They are the ones that don’t need to be applied incrementally. The incremental OTA update was around 68 MB if I recall correctly.


Forgot to update this…
I never got this months OTA. even after 12 days of waiting.
The 4 others i know personally who are on other carriers with 5X, all got this update 3-4 days after it was out.

SO i flashed it manually.

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