Are CDMA SIMs being discontinued soon?

I should have mentioned that. Will all the CDMA SIM cards be replaced with GSM cards before year’s end?

Let’s not complicate or confuse this topic.

As any news that affects our members arises, we will post in our #news category.


We are close enough to the end of this year that someone who has a CDMA SIM might want to switch to GSM during a phone upgrade simply to avoid dealing with their SIM again in a couple of months. If you disagree, just delete my posts and I’ll understand.


There is no technical/network reason to believe that the CDMA SIMs will have to be replaced at the end of year. You’re conflating two different things:

  1. Shutdown of legacy 3G CDMA network (currently T-Mobile says this will happen 1/1/22). (Impacting phones not capable of VoLTE on Sprint).
  2. “CDMA” SIMs are really 4G LTE SIMs that happen to run on the legacy Sprint network. The LTE portion of the Sprint network will be around until at least June 2022 according to T-Mobile.

Please note: The reality of the networks and business decisions are different things. Dish could decide to support psychic phones only starting 10/15 and all phones could be incompatible. That’s a different thing that there’s no predicting.

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