Are customers notified of order shipments by any method other than email?


I ordered a new phone last week on Friday, and at the time it said that I would be notified via email with tracking number when it ships. Is there any other way to know if it has shipped? I have searched the “Account” section of the website and could not find any information other than the payment information for the order.



Notifications are provided only by email. If you sign up for Fedex Delivery Manager they’ll also notify you when you have a package headed to your home.



Hi @grampa,

I can DM you the tracking number if you didn’t receive the E-mail. Please let me know if that would help.

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Hi southpaw,

It’s now a number of weeks later and at this point it’s not necessary to send the tracking number. I suppose you figured that out by now, but I didn’t see your post until today and I just wanted to say thank you for making the offer.



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