Are multiple users supported on Moto G Play?


I need to be able to run Norton Parental Controls on my son’s phone. We just bought him a Moto E4. On a device that supports multiple users, such as the Moto E4, Norton can only be made secure (as in ‘can’t be easily circumvented by a child’) if it is installed in the primary/owner account; the child is then required to use a secondary account.

Unfortunately, there appear to be major issues with using a secondary account: if a call us placed from the secondary account, the wrong number shows up on the called phone; also, the Republic account owner’s phone number cannot (very strangely) be called from the secondary account.

Neither support not the community had been able to help with those issues (so far), so I’m considering another approach altogether; if my phone, a Moto G Play, does not support multiple users, I may swap phones with my child. (Norton can be secured easily on a single user device.)

I’ve been doing a bit of research and am beginning to believe that the Moto G Play may NOT support multiple users, so I’m starting to get my hopes up.

Can anyone either confirm or deny this?




Hi @christopherd.ukchxf
Possibly a different app is needed, The 2 I have listed below are extremely hard to circumvent. Your son would have to be a programmer to bypass them. This app MMGuardian has a 4.4 star rating.
MMGuardian Parent App
This app Qustodio has a 3.5 star rating & was a Editors’ Choice from PC Mag. There are other members here in the community that have used Qustodio on their kids phones & have recommended it to others.
Qustodio Parental Control
The playstore has a writeup about their qualities.


The issue isn’t the phone, it’s the way the Republic App behaves in the multi user scenario. Won’t matter what device you use, because the app won’t run on the profiles other that the owner profile, it’s not a viable solution with Republic.


Right. Now, I need to stick with Norton if possible, because they offer good coverage across multiple platforms (my son’s PC account is included, for instance). Motorola, for a time, removed multi-profile support from their phones, even though the OS had the capability. If the G4 Play is one of those phones that doesn’t support multiple profiles, then I don’t have to worry about the Republic app only working with the owner profile. It now looks like that is the case, so I think I will swap phones with my son, so he’ll have the G4 Play, install Norton there and be done with it. I sure hope Republic is able to get their app working with other profiles in the near future, though, 'cause this seems like it could cause headaches for other users, too. Cheers.


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