Are new 5.0 activations trouble free now?

Or are they total bedlam, same as 4.0 to 5.0 transfer efforts? I have a Pixel 5a that’s all set up and ready for for a SIM, but I don’t want to tackle a 5.0 trial even with a new account and number if the going won’t be timely and smooth. Should I wait a bit longer to be certain I’m not asking for grief?

It’s not even close. In Fact, you cannot even attempt it at this time. It is not possible.

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I’m not asking about movement from 4.0 to 5.0 since I know that’s a failing effort, but about creating a new line of service to see how 5.0 works in my area. I wouldn’t dream of jeopardizing my 4.0 number and am keeping my fingers crossed that it remains safe where it is.

I have pixel5a too and have not had any cellular data or MMS since moving to the 5.0 plan for over a week. Support will not give me an update or eta either. I would not move and I’m looking to transfer to another service if this isn’t fixed soon.

Thanks, @ApexMom . Most of what I’ve been reading has to do with failed 4.0 to 5.0 number transfers. It’s disappointing to hear that what should be simple activations aren’t working so well either. Guess I’ll sit this one out a while longer.

That’s actually good news, that way no one has to go through what some folks are. I’m frankly a bit amazed by how long a resolution is taking, but I do appreciate the efforts. My guess is that the issue involves some things outside of RW’s control.

Hi @larc919,

We don’t anticipate any issue with creating a brand new activation on a brand new account with a brand new number. And you’d be covered under our 30-day money-back guarantee for plans, so it’s a fairly risk-free test if you want to give it a try.

You wouldn’t be trying to move your number, so what kind of grief would you be expecting?

Well this is the most positive thing I’ve heard around here in a while. When you say “We don’t anticipate any issue…” does that include issues like “no MMS”, or “no cell data”, that I’ve been reading(*) about ?

I suppose the only catch is on Day 29 of the New Number New Account New Phone New Plan/SIM test, there’s no way (let’s assume the bugs are fixed by then) to port over an Old Number… (?)

Edit: reading(*) here: No internet on cell since changeover

You would cancel the “test” line, and then port the number over when activating a new SIM for a new line.

I haven’t been able to dig into why people are having trouble with data and MMS. I need to look at that. I’m hoping it’s just because they haven’t set up the APNs. For the few I’ve worked with, that’s been it.

Please don’t create an account and activate a phone with this as your plan. I was answering a very specific question about creating a new line just to test the waters then cancel. If your end goal is to move your number to a 5.0 plan, waiting a bit longer is truly your best bet.

I know, that’s not the answer anyone wants to hear. I have 7 people in my family reading to climb aboard the 5.0 train, including myself, but it’s just not time yet.

No worries, I was just confirming. But I’m still wrapping my head around the idea that RW has a proven future.

Okay, well, I’m pretty tired… maybe I was being too optimistic. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, is there any way to assess how many New Account New Number New Phone New Plan happy campers there are? Ballpark? The problem with happy campers is they’re so happy they forget to visit the Community pit of despair and tell their story.

Cmon @williams.sj6s67 just do it, where can you get a Moto G Stylus 5G for $300? Nowhere. There’s too many people that hate you with that Old Number anyway.

Okay, so I just got back from a really important meeting with myself, and it went pretty well, so I guess we’ll see.

Yes. We have teams watching to make sure activations are working. We know what the trending issues are in support, we can see accounts lighting up and being used.

Oh, you mean me tell you those numbers. No… we don’t share those kinds of stats. Apparently our competitors would love to have them. :woman_shrugging:

All kidding aside, we’ve asked our current members to hold off trying to move to 5.0 because that’s where the issues we’re seeing are coming from. If, once all that activity dies down, we identify similar rates of issues with new activations, we would not hesitate to put a hold on those, as well.

My phone got canceled on me, because sometimes my payments bounce. I wish republic would have a way to text me that message. So I paid up on my balance, and they canceled my phone. Now I’m in limbo for the last week where I can’t activate my phone. So I can’t access any emails or other accounts because I have 2 step verification. I’m also paranoid that I don’t have a working phone during our below freezing weather this week, and the only thing I can do is call 911 in a worse case.

Generally, Republic suspends service before outright canceling it. Are you certain your service is canceled rather than suspended? Do you see your phone when signed into your Republic account here: Phones | Republic Wireless?

So do I but, as of now, it’s email notice and there would have been multiple attempted notices before suspension or cancellation. Alas, sometimes those notices are redirected by overzealous spam filters.

If your service is truly canceled rather than suspended, the SIM in your phone can no longer be activated. The only SIMs Republic currently offers are new 5.0 SIMs and migrating an existing number to 5.0 is broken and, therefore, paused right now.

Did you open a ticket with Republic and tell them all this? If so, how long has it been since the ticket was opened? If you’re willing to share the ticket number (nothing more), I’ll ask someone to take a look another look at it.


With this, I’m wondering a bit more about this. We are in the situation of being between a rock and a hard place with a lost (stolen) phone. Wondering if I should activate the 5.0 SIM I have now with a new number if it’s at least possible to port the number later just so we’ve got a phone to use, or if we should just go without one fully operational phone.

Number transfer requests can only be submitted as part of activation. You won’t be able to port your number after activation;

@Southpaw Since I’m going to be transferring my Boost Mobile number to RW, should I still wait until the Republic Wireless Status - Temporary paused: Number transfers to our 5.0 plans is cleared out?

My current phone is on the Boost Mobile 3g CDMA sprint network that will be retired by T-Mobile at end of March so I’m wondering a definite timeline of getting things activated with RW at this time.

Candidly, I’m uncertain where your scenario is right now. We know Republic continues to ask current members wanting to move their number from a grandfathered plan to 5.0 to wait for an all clear here:

Many of us have successfully activated new numbers on 5.0. There does not seem to be an issue doing so.

That leaves your scenario; activating new 5.0 service and porting a number in from another service provider. I recall seeing one or two reports of problems with that early on but nothing recently. Still, presuming you care about the Boost number you wish to bring to Republic, I’d urge continued caution as you still have some time before T-Mobile shuts down Sprint’s 3G network.