Are plans pro-rated when adding a new line during the current billing cycle?

What happens if you add a new line (1GB plan) with say 15 days left in your billing cycle?

Do you pay the full amount $20 and get 1GB to use in 15 days or are the charges and data pro-rated?

Hi @pirate96,

I’m sorry to see no one replied to your question.

If you activate part-way through your billing cycle on the My Choice plan with Talk & Text plus 1 GB of data, the entire $20 is pro-rated according to the number of days remaining in the billing cycle. The full 1 GB of data is provided.


Thank you for the confirmation. It just shows how good of a company Republic Wireless is.

Most would pro-rate the fee, but I am not aware of any that would give the whole portion of data.

Makes it easier to add new lines or buy new phones when you already have a trusted partner!

Republic Wireless for the win!!!


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