Are Republic phones compatible with GoDaddy's new SmartLine app?


Anyone know how this will work? I have tried similar apps in the past, but they were not compatible with they way Republic handles calls and data. Wondered if this was different… Can’t find much information on the mechanics of how it works yet.


Hi @unexpectedcure,

My experience (not with this specific app) is it depends which Republic phone we’re talking about. You are correct legacy Republic phones (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2) tend not to work well with similar apps. On the other hand, I’ve found new Republic 3.0 phones work quite well with Sideline, which works similarly to what’s described for this new GoDaddy app.

GoDaddy’s offering a free trial, so why not just give it a shot?


What advantages do these services have over Google Voice which is free?


These services may be used by anyone but are primarily aimed at business users. Business users may want support, which one won’t typically get from Google Voice. Additionally, for those who care, business use violates Google Voice’s Terms of Service.


Thanks for the responses guys… I tried SmartLine on my Republic 2.0 phone and it works perfectly on Wi-Fi, but does not work at all when not on Wi-Fi. My 2.0 plan is talk and text only, so I do not know if it would have worked okay if I had a data plan.

For @rolandh or anyone else that has tried SideLine or SmartLine on a 3.0 plan, does it require a data plan? When I contacted SideLine support a few months ago, they swore up and down that their app required NO data and that it is merely a second phone app on your smartphone (and uses only cellular service). If I could use one of these services on a 3.0 plan without data, I would strongly consider upgrading a new phone and a 3.0 plan.



as these are over the top (OTT) services they do require some data to work off WiFi (most don’t us a lot of data)


Hi @unexpectedcure,

Sideline is designed to work both over the top (OTT) using a data connection (WiFi or cell) and by using one’s carrier minutes (standard cellular voice). That said, I haven’t tested that design on a 3.0 phone without a cell data plan. I’d be willing to do so, however, my bill cycle is the 17th of the month, so the earliest I might downgrade one of my household 3.0 phones to talk and text only is November 17th.

Text messaging is an entirely different issue. I don’t see how any 3rd party app would work for text messaging without access to data (again either WiFi or cell). In my experience text messaging uses minimal (one might characterize it as minuscule) amounts of data unless one frequently sends picture messages.

I fully appreciate the added expense but is the potential need for some minimal amount of cell data a deal breaker? These services are typically aimed at business users. If that’s your use case, wouldn’t it be considered a cost of doing business?


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